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Task Group 1.2

Design of Bridges against Fire Hazards

Mission Statement/Objectives
Increase the awareness of the importance and consequences of fires on civil engineering infrastructure with a special focus on bridges.

Scope & Limitation
The group is integrated by experts in the field of structural fire engineering and fire engineering. The current task of the group is to produce a special issue of IABSE's journal Structural Engineering International (SEI) with the topic "New developments for the resilient fire design of singular buildings and engineering infrastructure" that will be published in November 2023. On the long term, the group plans to write an SED document explaining how to protect bridges from fires for different types of structural systems. This document will also contain some recommendations for the post-fire analysis of bridges. The recommendations will be based on the most updated state of the art in research and practice.

Expected Project Output

A special issue of the SEI journal devoted to structural fire design and an SED book containing guidelines for the design of bridges against fire hazards.

Start Date: September 2016
Target Date of Completion: November 2023

Ignacio Paya-Zaforteza, Spain

Vice Chair
Stefan Zmigrodzki, Canada

Niels Peter Høj, Switzerland
Henryk Zobel, Poland
Fausto Mistretta, Italy
Flavio Stochino, Italy
Guillem Peris Sayol, Spain
Harikrishna Narasimhan, Denmark
Eva Kragh, Denmark
Jethro Howard, Spain
Grunde Jomaas, United Kingdom


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