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The International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) is delighted to be invited to visit Japan at the Symposium in Tokyo in May 2025. The theme of the symposium is Environmentally Friendly Technologies and Structures: Focusing on Sustainable Approaches.

The Japanese archipelago is exposed to several types of natural hazards, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and, more recently, heavy rains and floods due to climate change. Learning from the past, engineers strive to support a resilient society by providing structures and infrastructure systems with substantial reliability, robustness, and redundancy. Our responsibility, however, goes beyond this: The most pressing issue of our time is responding to the climate emergency and to address the radical changes we need to make in the way we approach the built environment.

The construction industry is responsible for a significant amount of carbon emissions and collectively we have a big responsibility to develop solutions that have a positive effect on the urgent challenges. The challenges are at a global scale and to make a real difference we need international collaboration. Since 1929 IABSE has successfully promoted the exchange of knowledge and has advanced the practice of structural engineering worldwide, in the service of the profession and in society. With members in 100 countries having expertise covering all aspects of the construction industry, IABSE has a major role to play. At the symposium, you'll have the chance to engage with leading experts and distinguished thought leaders in the field to discuss sustainability from different perspectives. We invite you to join us, share your insights, and make your voice heard.

In addition to organising conferences and technical meetings, IABSE also encourages and conducts continuing education programmes, and publishes highly respected reports, communications and periodicals with a far-reaching circulation. Furthermore, it identifies research and development needs, initiates and supports research activities, and grants awards for outstanding structural engineering achievements.

On behalf of IABSE, I would like to thank the Japanese group for organising the Symposium in Tokyo in May 2025. This is the fifth international IABSE event organised in Japan, and it follows the successful conferences in Tokyo (1976 and 1986, respectively), the symposium in Kobe in 1998 and the conference in Nara 2015. In addition to the outstanding technical outcome, many participants have fond memories of the warm hospitality enjoyed during these remarkable events.

I look forward to reconnecting with our members and to welcoming new participants. A special invitation goes to young engineers born in or after 1991 to sign up and enjoy the Young Engineers’ Programme, as well as the networking opportunities with experienced members of the profession. A special Young Engineers Colloquium will be organised the day before the symposium in collaboration between the Japanese and German groups of IABSE.

Tina Vejrum
President of IABSE

Tina Vejrum, Denmark
President of IABSE


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