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                         November 2023


IABSE Awards and Gala Dinner 2023

Watch the Official Video of the IABSE Awards 2023 and Gala Dinner, Click here


IABSE Proudly Presents the Winners of the Projects and Technology Award 2023 Click Here

Watch the individual videos of each winner!
Small Projects: Cody Dock Rolling Bridge, UK 
Large Building Structures: Tianfu Agricultural Exposition, China 
Pedestrian and Cycle Bridges: Nancy Pauw Bridge, Canada 
Small Road and Rail Bridges: Hising Bridge, Sweden 
Large Road and Rail Bridges: 1915 Canakkale Bridge, Türkiye 
Rehabilitation Projects: Quay Quarter Tower, Australia 
Innovation in Construction: Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway, The Philippines 
Gold Star Award: Quay Quarter Tower, Australia

Submission for IABSE Awards 2024 is now open: Click Here

For Awards 2024 Sponsorship, please contact 
Cheryl Cornelio.


Post-event Bridge Tour

After the IABSE Awards and Gala Dinner, the post-event tour organised by Kristian Schellenberg from Switzerland took bridge specialists on a two-day trip through the south-eastern Swiss region of the Canton Grisons (Graubünden). The trip provided an in-depth look at the mythical bridges, starting with the Tamina Bridge in Pfäfers and ending with the Italian pedestrian bridge in Chur, which was opened in 2020. This bridge tour was an excellent opportunity to discuss the governing constraints for design, structural details, durability, and the retrofitting measures for the Valtschiel or Salginatobel bridges. 


Watch the video

At the IABSE Awards, Ian Firth, Chair of the Juries, caught up with the Structural Designer, Ingrid Koon and asked her a few questions about the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which was awarded the Winner at the ‘Large Road and Rail Bridges’ category of the IABSE Awards 2023. 


IABSE 2024 Conferences 


IABSE Symposium Manchester 2024
Construction's Role for a World in Emergency

Ensure you join us in Manchester next year!

Between 10-12 April 2024 we are bringing together engineering leaders and influential IABSE members for three days of strategy, networking and knowledge sharing. Taking place at Manchester Metropolitan University, this pivotal event will focus on the role of construction and engineering in tackling the climate emergency. 

We have a limited number of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities remaining, download the sponsorship brochure for more information (Click Here).   

To learn more write to:

About Manchester

Manchester is an excellent venue for addressing the Climate Emergency issue. It is both the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, which led to massive exploitation of fossil fuels and the consequent disastrous emissions crisis we face today, and also a leading centre for research into many of the solutions we require.

Ongoing Preparations 

IABSE Executive Director Chep Uytiepo visited Manchester for a site visit on 5 – 7 October and met with the OC Chair Ian Firth and the PCO team to prepare for the upcoming Symposium in Manchester.

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IABSE Congress San Jose 2024

Beyond Structural Engineering - in a Changing World

Deadline Extended for Call for Abstracts: 15 December 2023!
Full paper by: 31 January 2024 (click here) ...

The IABSE Congress is a premier international gathering that provides a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and discussing advancements in the field of structural engineering. With the theme of "Beyond Structural Engineering in a Changing World," the Congress aims to explore the challenges and opportunities that arises from the evolving global landscape.

IABSE Executive Director Chep Uytiepo met with the OC Co-Chairs Daniel Urena and Marija Trifunovic for a site visit and met with the PCO team to prepare for the upcoming Congress in San Jose 2024.


Chep Uytiepo was invited to join the Costa Rican National Group (ACIES) Board Members meeting to fully support the IABSE Congress San Jose 2024.


Site visit to the Congress venue Costa Rica Convention Centre with the PCO and walking and technical tours with OC Co-Chair Daniel Urena.

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IABSE Symposium Tokyo 2025

Environmentally Friendly Technologies and Structures - Focusing on Sustainable Approaches, 
18-21 May 2025

Call for Abstracts is now open!

We invite researchers, professionals, and experts to contribute to the congress by submitting abstracts related to the Congress themes and topics. Abstracts should highlight significant research findings, innovative methodologies, case studies, and best practices. 

The submission deadline is 31 July 2024, click here

The Japan National Group of the IABSE and the Organising and Scientific Committees are pleased to invite you to the IABSE Symposium Tokyo 2025 on “Environmentally Friendly Technologies and Structures - Focusing on Sustainable Approaches -” from 18 May (Sunday) to 21 May (Wednesday) 2025. Read further...


IABSE Permanent Committee meeting


The IABSE Permanent Committee Meeting took place on 25 October 2023, it was held online with the participation of delegates from IABSE's National Groups, Honorary Members, and Vice Presidents. During the meeting, there was the presentation of activity reports by Tina Vejrum, IABSE President; Tobia Zordan, Technical Committee Chair; budget and accounts by Chep Uytiepo, Executive Director; Marion Rauch, Auditor; Carlos Mendez, Chair National Groups Committee; IABSE 2024 Conference Representatives; and Roman Geier, IABSE Foundation Council Chair.

Elections were held and three new Vice Presidents were elected: Mattias Valenzuela from Chile, Maria Pina Limongeli from Italy, and Brian Uy from Australia. Three Vice Presidents who ended their terms were thanked for their dedication and efforts: H.H. (Bert) Snijder from the Netherlands, Harshavardhan Subbarao from India and Thomas Vogel from Switzerland.


Spotlight: IABSE Task Groups 

IABSE TG 2.4 (New!) on Structural Optimization

Mission Statement/Objectives: Structural Optimization

Research on structural optimization of bridges, buildings, and infrastructure, aiming to:

i) Make a good balance between structural performance and structural form.
ii) Create some new structure type, components or details through structural optimization way.
iii) Some new structural optimization algorithms. Read more about TG 1.11

Call for international collaboration: Does this topic interest you, are you working in this field and wish to join? This TG aims to come up with a publication, organise webinars, and work on this field with international experts. Write to us at and we shall put you in touch with the Chair, Luo Xiaoyu, China.
TG 1.1 (New) on Design & Construction Techniques of Well (Caisson) Foundations

This new TG, chaired by Alok Bhowmick, had their first meeting and is soliciting more members from other countries, those who use caissons extensively.

Write to us at if you wish to join.


                                Upcoming Webinars

We have two upcoming webinars in December; register for free and forward the link to your colleagues too! Join IABSE webinars with leading structural engineers from the Storebælt Link, Denmark and the Cebu Cordova Cable Stayed Bridge (CCLX), the Philippines; click here to register ...

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IABSE Publications

The SEI Editorial Board meeting took place on 16 November 2023 to discuss current papers and upcoming issues. Members from Croatia, Ecuador, Brazil, Japan, Czech Rep., Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, the UK, and the US participated to discuss papers and SEI issues. 

The Call for Abstract for SEI February 2025 on Rehabilitation of Structures is still ongoing: Full papers are due by 30 January 2024, click here for more details...


                    National Groups Events for 2023

The 2024 IABSE Activities Form has been sent to all NG Chairs and Vice-Chairs. Please submit the filled-in form by 20 December 2023 to Brindarica Bose at In your form please indicate the exact date for the event, or the month, so that we can schedule events and news based on this. All events will be added to our website: 

IABSE Slovakian NG Chair Jaroslav Odrobinak visited IABSE Vice President Jose C. Matos at the UMINHO, Portugal, for a lecture and discussion on IABSE NG activities and collaborations.

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United Kingdom

The Nethercot Prize went to Livia Camargos Guimaraes, from Pell Frischman, for her paper Space House. The Prize was given by David Knight, Chair of the British Group to Livia at the NG event on 16 November 2023 in London (see photo below). The other two shortlisted papers were:

Soho Loop Cantilever Footbridge – Ed Dablin, DYSE
Wendover Dean Viaduct – Sam Trueman, COWI.

The Nethercot Prize is awarded annually to an early career architect, engineer or designer (expected to be under 35 and based in the UK) in recognition of the quality of a written paper submitted for judging.

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United States

The US NG Chair, Maria Grazia Bruschi, represented IABSE and gave a talk and shared a few slides about IABSE and its activities at the ASBI event in November. Read further about US NG activities here...

National Group Chairs and members are encouraged to represent IABSE at events and present IABSE's mission, Task Groups, and upcoming IABSE conferences to the participants. If you wish to receive some slides, or promotional material, contact us at


Young Engineers Colloquiums

1. Young Engineers Colloquium in Europe
24-25 November 2023

Belgium, The Netherlands

IABSE Young Engineers Colloquium, Ghent, 24-25 November 2023

The Belgian and Dutch National Groups of IABSE are hosting a Young Engineers Colloquium 2023 (YEC2023) on 24 and 25 November 2023 at the Aula of Ghent University, Belgium. Visit the YEC2023 webpage for more information.


2. Young Engineers Colloquium in East Asia
19-24 January 2024

South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong

Young engineers in any country can make presentations and participate in the design competition. Young engineers and senior engineers are welcome to participate. Apply by 3 November 2023 via each National Group of IABSE and register online before 22 December 2023. 

Contact: +82 2 871 8395
Fax: +82 2 885 1081.
Further information click here ...

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IABSE Co-sponsored Events


4th International Symposium on
Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
21-23 October 2024


Jungholzstrasse 28
8050 Zurich

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