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Welcome to the communication centre of IABSE!

Monthly Newsletter
Monthly updates about the news and activities to and from members, national groups and the association. It also includes current information from the industry as well as upcoming events.

News media are welcome to sign up to receive directly from IABSE all official statements released to our news media partners for the purpose of providing information, creating an official statement, or making an announcement directed for public release. 

Social Media
Join our over 20,000 followers in LinkedIn in both Company Profile and Discussion Group. Our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are growing rapidly too with thousands of followers. The best way to get connected to other structural engineers around the world.

How to advertise at IABSE
Run an effective marketing drive for your products and services using IABSE print and digital platform to reach out to the global network of structural engineers dealing in all materials, all structures and worldwide! 

How to support IABSE
IABSE is a non-profit organisation that operates through the voluntary contributions of its members. In these challenging times, support to the association, in the form of advertisement or donation, is highly appreciated by its members.

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