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Joint Committee on the GLOBE Consensus (JCGC)

The Liaison Committee established the Joint Committee on the GLOBE Consensus (JCGC) to support and implement the objectives and activities of the GLOBE Consensus.

The GLOBE Consensus, published on October 1, 2020, is a joint effort among the LC member associations to promote knowledge and collaboration in the built environment. This MoU formalizes the collaboration to establish the JCGC, promoting new ideas and enhancing cooperation among the Partners.


  • Raise awareness and promote the GLOBE Consensus.
  • Develop new, unbiased, science-based knowledge for global sustainability in the built environment.
  • Establish foundational standards for sustainability regulation.
  • Synthesize and disseminate expertise from partners and supporters.
  • Highlight the importance of sustainable development.
  • Prepare and synthesize key documents (White Papers, reports, recommendations).
  • Facilitate the sharing of experimental data.
  • Oversee educational and training activities on sustainability.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to promote the GLOBE Consensus and connect stakeholders globally.

The JCGC will operate according to a Strategy and Action Plan (JCGC-SAP) outlining a 1-3 year action plan, reviewed and approved annually by the LC.

Membership includes nominations from the Partners and co-opted experts. Initial membership comprises the expert network that developed the GLOBE Consensus. Members are expected to actively contribute to JCGC Working Parties.


  • Board Composition:
    One representative from each Partner, the current JCGC Chair, and the past JCGC Chair. Reporters may attend meetings without voting rights.
  • Chair Appointment:
    The LC appoints Board members, who propose a candidate for the JCGC Chair, with the final appointment made by the LC.
  • Board Responsibilities:
    Planning, coordinating, and executing JCGC activities.
  • Working Parties:
    Conduct JCGC activities as outlined in the JCGC-SAP, led by a Reporter and Co-reporter appointed by the Board.

The JCGC Board reports annually to the LC on the effectiveness and adherence to the MoU. The JCGC-SAP is updated and approved annually by the LC.

The MoU does not commit the Partners to funding. The JCGC may secure funding or in-kind resources for its activities on a non-profit basis. All engagements must be approved by the LC.

This MoU is effective upon signature and remains in effect until June 30, 2026, unless modified or terminated by mutual consent.

The Partner organizations are not liable for the operation or outputs of the JCGC. All publications must include a liability disclaimer stating that views expressed are those of the authors alone.

This summary will be accessible on the JCGC website to inform visitors about the purpose, objectives, and structure of the JCGC, as well as its foundational agreement and operational guidelines.

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