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Task Group 1.2 Documents

  • Structural Engineering International Volume 33, 2023 - Issue 4: New developments for the resilient fire design of singular buildings and engineering infrastructure.
  • From Flames to Resilience: New Perspectives for the Design of Structures Against Fire Hazards Ignacio Paya-Zaforteza (Prof., Dr) Stefan Zmigrodzki (M.Sc.Eng.) &Flavio Stochino (Ass. Prof. Dr)
  • Designing a Two-Level Steel Cable-stayed Bridge against Fires Zhi Liu (Postdoctoral fellow) ORCID Icon, Guobiao Lou (Prof.), Jing Hou (PhD candidate) & Guoqiang Li (Prof.)
  • Enhancing Fire Resilience of Cable-Supported Bridges: Current Knowledge and Research Gaps, Dr Zhi LiuORCID Icon,Dr Harikrishna Narasimhan,Dr Panagiotis KotsovinosORCID Icon,Guo-Qiang Li (Professor) ,Eva Kragh (Associate Technical Director) &Dr Peter Woodburn
  • Modelling Thermal Performance of Unloaded Spiral Strand and Locked Coil Cables Subject to Pool Fires, Scott Watson, Ben Nicoletta, Panagiotis Kotsovinos, Dr., Rwayda al Hamd, Dr. and John Gales, Dr.
  • Post-Earthquake Fire Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Flame Structures, Hugo Vitorino, Paulo Via Real, Prof., Carlos Couto, Dr., Hugo Rodrigues, Assoc. Prof.
  • Reliability-based Fire Protection of Structural Cables due to Deck Fires on Cable Supported Bridges Panagiotis Kotsovinos, Dr., Yavor Panev, Heikki Lilja, Atte Mikkonen, Alberto Carlucci, Peter Woodburn, Dr.
  • Utilizing Advanced Modelling for Fire Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Tunnel Linings, Nan Hua PhD,Negar Elhami Khorasani PhDORCID Icon &Anthony Tessari PhD
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