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SEI Editorial Board

The SEI Editorial Board is responsible for the review and selection of scientific and technical articles for the IABSE's quarterly journal, Structural Engineering International (SEI).

The SEI Editorial Board is seconded in this task by;

  • External Reviewers (IABSE Members and other specialists) who review articles submitted for publication in SEI
  • SEI Correspondents who contribute to SEI by providing information about interesting projects in their region.

Technical Committee

2-4 per year

Term Start
Term End
Ana Mandic Ivankovic  Croatia Chair   2021  2025
Eva Lantsoght Belgium Vice Chair 2021 2025
Arndt Goldack  GermanyMember 2022 2030
Charles-Darwin Annan Canada Member 2021 2029
Flavio Barbosa Brazil  Member   2021 2029 
Elsa Caetano Portugal Member 2021 2029
Dongzhou Huang USA Member 2021 2029
Zhi Sun China Member 2021 2029
Takashi Yamaguchi Japan Member 2021 2029
Laurent Rus Jenni Spain Member 2021 2029
Henar Martín-Sanz  Switzerland Member 2023 2031
Teng Wu USA Member 2020 2028
Roman Lenner South Africa Member 2020 2028
Helder Sousa Portugal Member 2020 2028
Andreas Lampropoulos United Kingdom Member 2021 2028
Andrew Martin  DenmarkMember 2022 2030 
Franziska Schmidt FranceMember 2022 2030 
Pierre van der Spuy   South Africa Member 2022 2030

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