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Manchester is an excellent venue for addressing the Climate Emergency issue. It is both the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, which led to massive exploitation of fossil fuels and the consequent disastrous emissions crisis we face today, and also a leading centre for research into many of the solutions we require.

Around the turn of the 19th Century, Manchester became known as the world's largest marketplace for cotton goods and was dubbed "Cottonopolis" and "Warehouse City" during the Victorian era. The industrial revolution brought about huge change in Manchester and drove the industrialisation of the United Kingdom.

As a city of three million people, sport has been a key part of Manchester’s development, with the two huge football clubs (Manchester City and Manchester United) at its core. Manchester has also hosted the Commonwealth Games and was the centre of British Cycling’s recent period of dominance at the Manchester Velodrome.

Manchester is now becoming the UK’s second largest city, and is becoming the centre of British media with the relocation of the BBC to Salford. A high grade cultural and night life makes Manchester a vibrant and historic city to visit.

What to see

Museum of Science and Industry – marvel at the machines that powered the Industrial Revolution

The Lowry – for art by LS Lowry and cultural and performance spaces

Old Trafford or the Etihad Stadiums – football stadiums and theatres of dreams

Modern architecture and bridges – Manchester is a hot spot of modern architecture, including notable bridges by Calatrava, Wilkinson Eyre/Gifford, Carlos Fernandez Casado, and BDP/Mott Macdonald.

Where to stay
A Symposium hotel will be identified with preferential rates. In addition, Manchester is well served by hotels and short term lets, including AirBnB apartments.


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