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Italian Group of IABSE

Prof. Maria Pina Limongelli
Politecnico di Milano
Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci,
32 Milan 20133 ITALY

Dr. Fabrizio Palmisano                                                                                                    PPV Consulting                                                                                                            Via G. Matteotti 37                                                                                                70121 Bari ITALY

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IABSE Webinar
Critical damage states and their causes, maintenance of existing structures and their application to the San Michele bridge over the Adda river (in Italian).

Date and Time: 25th May 2023, 16.00-17.00 CET
Register: (Click Here). IABSE Award Winners 2022.
Speakers: Piergiorgio Malerba, Luca Crespo
Moderators: Maria Pina Limongelli (Chair, Italian NG), Fabrizio Palmisano (Vice Chair, Italian NG).

Recent collapses have involved both old and modern bridges. It is singular that many of these were built in the same period of time, with the same materials and with the same technologies It is considered important to analyze vulnerabilities, inspection and management deficiencies and errors highlighted by these failures in order to understand their causes and improve design methods and criteria, inspection and maintenance techniques and to reduce risks for the future. In this context, the application of these approaches to the San Michele Bridge is extremely interesting.a masterpiece of Italian industrial archeology and the only reticular arch bridge of the late nineteenth century to be in operation. In September 2018 the bridge was closed by RFI and the structure was therefore the subject of an important investigation, modelling, design, and adaptation activity to restore the necessary safety levels for reopening to road traffic firstly and, two years after its closure, to railway traffic. The architectural value of the bridge, the presence of an original non-weldable material and the typical design requirements for railway bridges represented a challenge for the design and construction of the reinforcements, as well as for the optimization of the connection details between the new elements and those of the original structure.


October 2022

IABSE Webinar: 
Without even touching it: the story of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

September 2022

The Italian NG now has a new Chair, Maria Pina Limongelli from Politecnico di Milano, and a new Vice-Chair, Fabrizio Palmisano, from PPV Consulting, Bari, and Giorgia Venturi representing the Young Engineers. Filippo Landi shall be managing the communications of the Italian NG Group. The new NG team, is planning to organise several activities to revamp the National Group, starting with an upcoming webinar in cooperation with TG Forensics on 7 October 2022 on the topic ‘Without even touching it: the story of the Leaning Tower of Pisa’.

If you are part of the Italian NG and wish to organise an event (online, onsite, or any other activity), write to us at nd we shall put you in touch with the Italian Secretariat.

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