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IABSE Webinars

These are the recordings of the IABSE Webinars for our Members especially for our Young Engineers to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning within the Association. Those who are not yet members, join IABSE now to become part of a worldwide group of leading structural engineers.

Membership (Individuals, Companies, Students).

Disclaimer: These webinars present the views of the speakers and viewers may accept, reject, discuss or debate.

IABSE Webinar
Assessment of existing bridges based on recent guidelines and standards
26 May 2023
Italian NG Webinar
Critical damage states and their causes, maintenance of existing structures and their application to the San Michele bridge over the Adda river
25 May 2023
IABSE Webinar
Lille Langebro in Copenhagen
15 May 2023
IABSE-USA Hybrid Webinar
"Build More with Less"
11 May 2023
IABSE Webinar
Steel for a Sustainable Bridge Infrastructure with a Low CO2 Footprint - Now and in the Future
5 May 2023
IABSE Webinar
Post-Flutter Behavior of Long-Span Bridges Under Climate Change
21 April 2023
IABSE Webinar
Is 3D concrete printing increasing construction quality and productivity?
14 April 2023
IABSE Webinar
Dubai Expo Shade Structures and
How to Flex with the Flow
17 March 2023
IABSE Webinar
Less and better: The Way Forward for Sustainable Bridges
6 February 2023
IABSE Webinar
The Structural Engineer in the current Climate Emergency
25 November 2022
IABSE Webinar
Climate Engineering in the world of Long-span Bridges and Slender Structures
15 November 2022
IABSE Webinar
Omaruru River bridge repair, Namibia
(Organised by South African Group of IABSE)
28 October 2022
IABSE Webinar
Without even touching it: the story of the Leaning Tower of Pisa​
7 October 2022
IABSE Webinar
New Ashton Arch, Western Cape, South Africa: Design and Construction Aspects​
2 September 2022
IABSE Webinar
The V&A Swingbridge: a unique product responding to multiple needs
19 August 2022
IABSE Webinar
Seismic Isolation and Response Control Systems (SED 19)
17 June 2022
IABSE Webinar
Seismic Isolation: Concepts, Research
and Applications
13 May 2022
IABSE Webinar
Form Finding Structures for Optimizing the Distribution of Forces
21 April 2022
IABSE Webinar
Full Scale Testing of a Stadium for 'Jumping Crowd Load'
27 January 2022
Duo IABSE Webinar
Bridge Collapses - Lessons learnt
12 November 2021
IABSE Webinar
How can Structural Engineering be an
unending stream of goodness?
4 October 2021
IABSE Webinar
Second Generation Eurocodes
1 October 2021
IABSE Webinar
Resilience-Based Management of Bridge Portfolios in Seismic Regions
9 July 2021
IABSE Webinar
Risk Management of Large Scale Projects
24 June 2021
IABSE Webinar
Concrete Plasticity – A Historical Perspective
10 June 2021
IABSE Webinar
The Chirajara Bridge Collapse
27 May 2021
IABSE Webinar
Parametric Structural Design with
Isogeometric Analysis
9 April 2021
IABSE Webinar
Risk-based asset management and the potential of UHFB in railway bridge construction from the point of view of the infrastructure operator
4 March 2021
IABSE Webinar
Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete (UHPC)
30 April 2021
IABSE Webinar
Use of Structural Health Monitoring in Condition Assessment of Bridges: Potential Changes
12 February 2021
IABSE Webinar
Incremental Launching Multispan Steel Bridges
4 February 2021
IABSE Webinar
(IABSE Group of Austria and Czech Republic)
23 October 2020
 IABSE Webinar
Characteristic Seismic Failures
Andreas Lampropoulos
IABSE Webinar
Forensic Structural Engineering:
A field of practice and research
Fabrizio Palmisano
IABSE Webinar
From Quality Control to Decision Making on the Management of Bridges and Structures:
Whats Next?
Jose Matos

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