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IABSE Lecture Series (2020 - 2024)

These are short lectures by IABSE Members for our Members especially for our Young Engineers to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning within the Association.

Disclaimer: These lectures present the views of the speakers and viewers may accept, reject, discuss or debate.

IABSE BST Lecture: Bridge Failure Analysis: Pathology of Prestressed Concrete Structures
Bruno Godart
IABSE BST Lecture: Bridge Failure Analysis: Shallow and Deep Causes
Laurent Rus
New developments in performance-based seismic design and optimization of structures
Iman Hajirasouliha
IABSE Milne Medal 2021
British Group of IABSE
IABSE Seoul 2020 Conference

Toward Risk Intelligence of Infrastructures

Advanced Bridge Engineering
No. B-1
Shunichi Nakamura
Advanced Bridge Engineering
No. B-2.1
Shunichi Nakamura
Advanced Bridge Engineering
No. B-2.2
Shunichi Nakamura
Advanced Bridge Engineering
No. B-3.1
Shunichi Nakamura
Advanced Bridge Engineering
No. B-3.2
Shunichi Nakamura
Advanced Bridge Engineering
No. B-4.1
Shunichi Nakamura
Advanced Bridge Engineering
No. B-4.2
Shunichi Nakamura
Online Training
ATCZ190 SAFEBRIDGE - Webinar for the 3rd Training School
Day 1
18-19 March 2021
Online Training
ATCZ190 SAFEBRIDGE - Webinar for the 3rd Training School
Day 2
18-19 March 2021
What will happen to our city
after COVID-19
Young Sang Kwon
Construction in the History of Social
Change - Learning from Epidemic in Late Medieval Europe
Koichi Kato
Rapid Design and Construction
Management of Emergency Specialty Field Hospital during the COVID-19
Liming Yuan
Will the Covid-19 pandemic change the way
we think, plan and work as civil- and
structural engineers?
Klaus Ostenfeld
Artificial Intelligence in Structural Engineering
Vesa Järvinen
Shear Testing of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders
Eva Lantsoght
Load Testing of Structures
Eva Lantsoght
Cable Corrosion Triggers Collapse of Cable-Supported Bridges
Shunichi Nakamura
Probabilistic Stability Evaluation of Vehicles under Strong Winds for Bridge Traffic Control
Ho Kyung Kim

IABSE Early Lecture Series (2006 - 2011)

# Lecture Titles & Authors


 1 Structural and Construction Safety (Short Course: 5 parts)
Prof. em. ETHZ Joerg Schneider
242:56 min.
 2 Challenges in Education - Conceptual and Structural Design
Prof. Dr. Mike Schlaich
23:43 min.
 3 Structural Design Codes: The Bridge Between Research and Practice
Prof. Dr. Ted Galambos
31:47 min.
 4 Wind-Induced Vibrations of Structures and Their Control
Prof. Dr. Manabu Ito
46:00 min.
 5 Increasing the Load Capacity of Major Bridges
Dr. Peter G. Buckland
44:17 min.
 6 Lions' Gate Bridge and Advances in Suspension Bridge Engineering
Dr. Peter G. Buckland
66:44 min.
 7 Disaster Risk Reduction and the Structural Engineer
Prof. Paul Grundy
117:00 min.
 8 Great demand and great challenge - Chinese major bridge projects under construction for improving traffic
infrastructure nationwide
Prof. Yaojun GE, Prof. H. F. Xiang
33:16 min.
 9 Evolution of Bridges
Dr. Man-Chung Tang
21:16 min.
 10 Life cycle management of infrastructures: towards an integrated approach of design, execution and maintenance.
Prof. Dr. Aad van der Horst
26:22 min.
 11 Design for movements in bridges
Mr. Ove Sorensen, Matthew L. Bloomstine, Niels Bitsch, Poul Linneberg
21:21 min.
 12 Adding confidence and reducing risk - the role of independent design checking in major projects
Mr. Ian Firth
33:20 min.
 13 Retrofitting of fatigue damaged steel bridge
Prof. Chitoshi Miki, Takuyo Konishi
30:08 min.
 14 Incheon Bridge Project -The role of the Contractor's Checking Engineer
Dr. Innes Flett
16:31 min.
 15 The Development of Cable-Stayed Bridges since John Robling
Mr. Holger Svensson
17:08 min.
 16 Incrementally Launched Bridges along the A 71/73 Special Features
Dr. sc. techn. Roland von Woelfel
14:00 min.
 17 Woodrow Wilson Bridge Bascule Span
Mr. Sean Bluni
15:00 min.
 18 New Concept for a Vertical Lift Bridge in Rouen - France
Mr. Michel Moussard
18:00 min.
 19 Failure Analysis as a Base for Developing Quality Control Systems
Dr. -Ing. Robert Hertle
20:00 min.
 20 About the Network Arch
Per Tveit dr. ing, Docent Emeritus
60:00 min.
 21 Electricity from the Sun
Prof. Dr. Jorg Schlaich & Dr. Rudolf Bergermann
67:21 min.
 22 Structures for Stadium projects
Dipl. -Ing. Knut Goppert
80:00 min.
 23 Cable Vibrations in Cable-Stayed Bridges, part (1): Assessment, part (2): Mitigation
Ms. Elsa de Sa Caetano
75:00 min.
 24 Use of Integrated Shop Drawings for the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Mr. James P. Duxbury, P.E.
20:00 min.
 25 Parametric Description of Bridge Structures
Dr.-Ing. Casimir Katz
25:00 min.
 26 Use of Building Information Models: a contractor's point of view
Mr. Claude Dumoulin
13:00 min.
 27 Bridge and infrastructure management systems: an Italian experience
Dott. Ing. Livia Pardi
16:13 min.
 28 The Structural Design of the Worlds Tallest Structure:The Burj Dubai Tower
Mr. William F. Baker
30:00 min.
 29 Past, Present and Future: Trends, Drivers and Challenges in Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Mr. Antony Wood
30:00 min.
 30 Appropriate Seismic Regulations for Urban Structures
Mr. Loring A. Wyllie
29:00 min.
 31Personal Involvement in early US Cable-Stayed Bridges
Dipl.-Ing. Holger Svensson
30:00 min.
 32New Trends and New Models for Analyzing Dynamic Interactions
Mr. Christian Cremona
26:00 min.
 33Engineering for Climate Change - The Adaptation Challenge and the Role of the Engineers
Mr. Peter Head
19:00 min.
 34Major Bridge Projects A Multi-disciplinary Approach - The Future
Mr. Klaus Ostenfeld
37:00 min.
 35China s Major Bridges
Prof. Maorun Feng
38:00 min.
 36The Bridge Evolution in the Future: Values of Bridges in the Formation of Cities
Prof. Sung-Pil Chang
24:00 min.
 37The Rion-Antirion Bridge - When a Dream becomes Reality
Mr. Jacques Combault
27:00 min.
 38From Bridges across Great Belt and Oresund towards a Femern Belt Bridge
Prof. Niels J Gimsing
31:00 min.
 39The Twin River Bridges Chongqing, China
Dr. Man-Chung Tang
23:00 min.
 40Recent Major Bridges in Korea
Prof. Hyun-Moo Koh
24:00 min.

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