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YEP Awards

A Jury selects two outstanding contributions presented by Young Engineers at IABSE Conferences and present them with the 'Outstanding Contribution Award, consisting of a diploma and a money prize. The financial support to this programme is offered by IABSE Fellows and the Organising Committee of the events.


2021   Lubomir Matejicka, Denmark
    - Ice-Shedding and Aerodynamic Investigations of Bridge Cables with Steel Wire Meshes
    Bartosz Siedziako, Norway

- Experiences from the Wind-Tunnel Testing of the Hardanger Bridge Section Model
(IABSE Congress Christchurch 2020

2020    Bruno Pedrosa, Portugal
     - Mode I Fatigue Crack Growth Tests on Puddle Iron Strengthened with CFRP Plates
 - Probabilistic Fields of Fatigue Crack Growth Rates of Puddle Iron Based on Huffman Local
    Johan de BOON, The Netherlands
    Possible Application of FRP Bridges in Renovation and Replacement Task of Rijkswaterstaat
 (IABSE Symposium Wrocław 2020)



Haipeng Lei, China

    Simplified Interactive Flexure- Shear Design Method for Concrete Beams Based on Plastic Stress Field
    Johanna Ruge, Germany
    Models as Design Tools – Physical Models and Their Epistemic Value
(IABSE Congress New York 2019)
2018   Catherine Poirriez, Singapore
Lightweight Megastructure: Design and Construction of a 100m span dome in Manila
    Marco Furinghetti, Italy
Optimized Design of Seismic Isolation Systems for Existing Bridges
(40th IABSE Symposium Nantes 2018)
2017   Igor Kavrakov, Germany
Modelling Techniques for Buffeting Analysis of Long-Span Bridges
    Xiaoyu Chen, China
Influence Analysis of the Corrosive Factors Effect on the Corrosion Rate of Steel Wires of Main Cable of Suspension Bridge
(IABSE Conference Guangzhou 2016)
2016   Colin van Niejenhuis, Canada
Experimental and Analytical Studies on the Benefits of Stainless Steel Rebar Use in Cracked Concrete Structures
    Travis Thonstad, USA
Pretensioned, Rocking Bridge Columns for Accelerated Construction and Enhanced Seismic Performance
(39th IABSE Symposium Vancouver 2017)
2015   Norman Hallermann, Germany
Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) - Survey and monitoring based on high-quality airborne photos
    Sanjeev Shankar, India
Living Root Bridges: State of knowledge , fundamental research and future application
(IABSE Conference Geneva 2015)
    Zhe QU, China
Friction Damper in Steel Coupling Beams for Enhanced Seismic Resilience of High-rise Building
(IABSE Nara Conference 2015)
    Mayuko Nishio, Japan
Uncertainty Quantification and Calibration of Dynamic Models of Existing Bridges Considering Difference of Modeling Strategy
(IABSE Nara Conference 2015)
2014   Kayin Dawoodi and Lee Franck, UK (co-presenters)
Bridge TOOL – Design and Construction of Rural Suspension Footbridge
    Didier Sonnbichler and Benjamin Kreis, Switzerland (co-presenters)
Footbridges for Kenya
(IABSE Symposium Madrid 2014)
2013   Andreas Andersson, Sweden
Load Capacity Assessment and Strengthening of a Railway Arch Bridge with Backfill
    Maléna Bastien-Masse, Switzerland
Concrete Bridge Deck Slabs Strengthened with UHPFRC
(IABSE Conference Rotterdam 2013)
2012   Frederik Teworte, Germany
Non Fatigue of Prestressed Concrete Beams with low Shear Reinforcement Ratios – Experimental Investigations

Kermin Chok, Singapore
The Role of CFD in the Conceptual Design of High Rise Buildings
(18th IABSE Congress Seoul)

    Declan Gavigan, Ireland
Strength and Durability Performance of Stabilised Soil Block Masonry Units
    (IABSE Conference Sharm El Sheikh 2012)
2011   Francesca Lupi, Italy
Non-conventional Wind Loading on Ultra-high Towers in Solar Updraft Power Plants
    Lucas Epp, UK
Richmond Speed Skating Oval Wood Wave Timber Panels 
    (London IABSE-IASS Symposium 2011)
2010    Johan Berger, Austria
New Approach for Bridges with Very High Durability
    Xin Ruan, China
Failure Analysis of a Long Span Pre-stressed Concrete Box Girder Bridge 
(IABSE Symposium Venice 2010)
    Caspeele Robby, Belgium
Influence of Prior Information on the Assessment of Concrete Strength from a Limited Number of Samples

Chatzis, Michail, Greece
Fatigue Loads in Eurocodes for Steel and Composite Bridges: an Approach Oriented to Finland’s Road Network

    Vlasic Andjelko, Croatia
Closed Rib Orthotropic Deck Plate Design Charts for Special Vehicles from EN 1991-2 Load Model 3
    (IABSE Conference Dubrovnik 2010)
2009   David Ferrand, Thailand
Construction Engineering of the Kanchanaphisek Bridge
    Eyüp Selçukoglu, Switzerland
Towards the Plastic Design of Glulam Concrete Composite Structures
(IABSE Symposium Bangkok 2009)
2008   Roman Wendner, Austria
Structural Assessment Using Identified Bending Stiffness (IABSE Congress Chicago 2008)

Christian Eckhardt, Germany
A Unique Transparent Structure for the New Footbridge Across a Moat in Darmstadt, Germany
(IABSE Congress Chicago 2008)


S. Szyniszewski and T. Krauthammer, USA
Progressive Collapse Simulation of Steel
Frame Structures – Accomplishments
and Validation Challenges
(IABSE Conference Helsinki 2008)

2007   Joao Ramoa Correira, Portugal
Lifetime Performance of GFRP Pultruded Profiles for Structural Applications
    Benjamin Braun, Germany
A Survey on Patch Loading Models for Bridge Launching
    (IABSE Symposium Weimar 2007)

Dalei Wang, China
Wind Speed Criteria of Traffic Safety on a Long Trans-Oceanic Bridge

    Marcus Rutner, USA
Blast Resistant Performance of Steel and Composite Bridge Piers
2005   Cristina Oliveira, Portugal
Buckling and Yielding Trigger Devices for Seismically Isolated Railway Bridges

Andrea Frangi, Switzerland
Fire Performance Based Design of Multistorey Timber Buildings
(IABSE Symposium Budapest 2006)

2004    Tongi Zhang, China
Structural Design of the Giant "CD" Canopy of Beijing Zhongguancun Sofware Plaza
Prize sponsored by Sika – A Global Player in Construction Chemicals and Industrial Material (Switzerland)
    Ulrich Castrischer, Germany
Prefabricated Hybrid Frame Bridges for Metropolitan Traffic Routes'
Prize sponsored by the China Highway Planning and Design Institute/HPDI, China
    Wolfram Kuhlmann, Germany
Historic Buildings under Earthquake Loads
Prize sponsored by Jiangsu Fasten-Nippon Steel Cable Co. Ltd 
(IABSE Symposium Shanghai 2004)
2003   Annette Boegle, Germany
Evaluation in Conceptual Design – a Pedestrian /Cyclist Bridge in Stuttgart
Prize sponsored by East Japan Railway Company, Japan
    Hans Peter Guenther, Germany
Fatigue Behaviour of Steel Bridge Girders
Prize sponsored by 'OC Lucerne 2000/Swiss Group of IABSE', Switzerland
(IABSE Symposium Antwerp 2003)
2002    Tobia Zordan, Italy
Design and Analysis of a Variable Stiffness Movable Footbridge
Prize sponsored by 'OC Lucerne 2000/Swiss Group of IABSE', Switzerland
    Rigoberto Burgueno, Mexico
Development of an FRP Membrane
Prize sponsored by the Australian Group of IABSE
(IABSE Symposium Melbourne 2002)

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