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Vietnamese Group of IABSE

Mr. Bui Tien Thanh
University of Transport and Communications

Vice Chair
Mr. Nguyen Thac Quang
University of Transport and Communications

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lan
University of Transport and Communications

Mr. Ngo Van Thuc
Mien Tay University

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A meeting of IABSE Vietnam National Group Founding was held at 13pm, Room 501-A6 Building, University of Transport and Communications (UTC), Hanoi, Vietnam on 26/11/2022.


-The meeting participants agreed upon the formation of the Vietnam IABSE National Group.

-The Vietnam IABSE National Group consists of 06 members. The others are attending as guests.

-The participants voted and agreed on the following positions of the group:

➢ Chair: Mr. Bui Tien Thanh, University of Transport and Communications-Vietnam

➢ Vice-chair: Mr. Nguyen Thac Quang, University of Transport and Communications-Vietnam

➢ Secretary: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lan, University of Transport and Communications-Vietnam

➢ Treasurer: Mr. Ngo Van Thuc, IABSE Vietnam member, Mien Tay University-Vietnam

-The participants agreed upon the missions and the vision of the Vietnam NG group, which is detailed in the next section.

-Mr. Bui Tien Thanh, the new chairman of the Vietnam NG introduced a plan for the future activities of the group, including extending the memberships to other universities and enterprises in Vietnam, organizing future conferences and IABSE symposiums in the country, site-visit trips for the NG members, etc.

-Mr. Jose C. Matos congratulated the newly formed NG and gave his advice for the NG with a focus on how to achieve their missions and integrate the NG into the IABSE community worldwide.

-The participants took group photos, signed the attendant list.

Mission and Vision

The following missions and visions are agreed upon for the Vietnam IABSE NG:

- Encouraging structural engineers in Vietnam to uphold the dignity, integrity, and honor of this profession.

- Establishing and maintaining a network of structural engineers to exchange and disseminate information of common interest locally and internationally.

- Integrating the practice of structural engineering of Vietnam with the world through IABSE international.

- Supporting young engineers in Vietnam through training programs and organizing youth symposiums.

- Creating an effective structural engineering forum in Vietnam to promote public awareness of the profession.

Future activities

The future activities of the NG are planned to be as follows:

- Coordinating frequent meetings for NG members in Vietnam to impose strategies and plans on the development of the NG.

- Organizing conferences/symposiums for sustainable development in civil and structural engineering with support from IABSE international.

- Organizing site visit to different construction site in Vietnam for the NG members locally and internationally.

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