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Task Group 5.6

BIM in Structure Management

Mission Statement/Objectives

The Task Group aims to connect BMS (Bridge Management Systems) with existing BIM solutions, based on Open BIM standards. The complexity of maintenance/inspection requires organized, automated, open and transparent digital processes, which should consider both - structure and asset management data.

The BMS (Bridge Management System) aims to complete digital storage and exchange of data, cost as well as deterioration, optimization and analysis models and their interoperability with existing BIM solutions.

The vision includes 3D/4D/5D/6D software and hardware independent data exchange between different software technologies during life cycle and beyond, considering also monitoring, sensor equipment and damages on the structure along time axis. Open BIM technology for the interoperability from technical, semantic and organizational point of view is of main interest.

Scope & Limitation

As template for further structures only bridges will be focused.

Conceptually the connection of BIM model to BMS and vice versa should be focused. Therefore the existing documents, researches and current open BIM standard capability will be used.

Existing software solutions and BMS providers should be invited to present their possible consideration resp. realization of BMS connection in their established BIM workflows and BIM viewers.

The final goal is the IDM (Information Delivery Manual) – explaining how to connect BIM model with BMS and vice versa – in form of SED.

Expected Project Output

The Task Group proposes to deliver the following results:

- Organization of Webinars (2) with Topics BMS&BIM

- Deliver paper for IABSE Symposium Prague 2022, IABSE Congress Nanjing 2022 and IABSE congress New Delhi 2023

- Development of Special Session at IABSE Symposium Prague May 2022 & IABSE congress New Delhi Sept. 2023);

- Collect the most relevant papers from organized Special Session(s), and others, and invite the authors for a co-organized Special Issue of SEI on a related topic (planned for 2023).

- SED in printed and online format, which includes concept beside IDM (Information Delivery Manual) also Guidelines and vision for BMS to connect with Open BIM and vice versa (planned for December 2023).

Start Date: December 2020
Target Date of Completion: 31 December 2023

Vanja Samec, Austria

Vice Chair
Changsu Shim, Korea

Ketil Aas-Jakobsen, Norway
André Borrmann, Germany
Paweł Hawryszków, Poland
Jörg-Martin Hohberg, Switzerland
Dusan Isailovic, Serbia
Philip Jackson, United Kingdom
Sachinand Joshi, India
Guido Morgenthal, Germany                    Nigel Powers, Australia                           Matias A. Valenzuela, Chile

Ngoc Son Dang, Vietnam

Tobias Petschke, Canada

Ina Heise, Germany

Jungholzstrasse 28
8050 Zurich

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