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Task Group 5.3

Gerontology of Bridge Structures

Mission Statement/Objectives
The Task Group TG5.3 has for mission the study of various technical, social and cultural aspects of bridge structures aging. Technical gerontology research involves, like in medicine, the study of typical aging processes and age-related problems of bridge structures. The application of interdisciplinary knowledge of the aging processes and their consequences should improve the quality of design, operation and maintenance of bridge infrastructure. Knowledge on gerontology of bridge structures should be also taken into account in various national and international development policies as well as in education programs.

Scope & Limitation
Scope of the task will include in depth analysis and assessment of the available information on bridge degradation stimulators, degradation mechanisms and processes as well as age-related defects of the structures. All basic types of bridge structures and structural materials will be considered as well as diagnostic strategies and technologies addressed to age-related problems of bridge structures.
Expected Project Output
Articles in international journals. Special sessions or workshops during IABSE conferences as well as other research and technical events. Technical Report “Gerontology of Bridge Structures” published in IABSE Bulletins, Structural Engineering Documents: draft version: 2022, final version: 2023.

Start Date: December 2019
Target Date of Completion: October 2023

Jan Bien, Poland

Vice Chair

Lennart Elfgren, Sweden
Tomasz Kaminski, Poland
Mieszko Kuzawa, Poland
Pavel Ryjacek, Czech Republic
Cristina Costa, Portugal
Alexander K. Jiponov, Bulgaria
Rosemarie Helmerich, Germany
Maria Limongelli, Italy

Jungholzstrasse 28
8050 Zurich

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