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Task Group 5.2

Key Performance Indicators

Mission Statement/Objectives
The Task Group aims to define a glossary of KPI, identifying which KPI to address when assessing a structure and how to compute and value for each. The team will also evaluate on how to apply the KPI to other kind of structures.

Scope & Limitation
The Task Group shall primarily look into the following aspects (KPIs) for different structure types:
  1. Reliability and Safety
  2. Health and Politics
  3. Environment
  4. Availability and Maintainability
  5. Costs

Expected Project Output
The Task Group proposes to deliver the following results: Development of 1-2 Special Session(s) at IABSE events in 2019 (IABSE Symposium Guimaraes March 2019 & IABSE Congress New York Sept. 2019), and further integrate it on a joint Special Issue of SEI (to be organized with other COM5 members); Development of a SED, in printed and online format, which integrates a Glossary /Terms and Definitions of KPI as well as examples of application into different structure types (planned for September 2022).

Start Date: September 2018
Target Date of Completion: 30 September 2022

José Matos, Portugal

Vice Chair
Ye Xia, China


Mitsuyoshi Akiyama

David A. Smith

Poul Linneberg

Bruno Briseghella

Alfred Strauss

Pilate Moyo

Joan Casas

Helder Sousa

Erica Arango

Rade Hajdin

Ye Xia

Alexander Jiponov

Olga Markogiannaki

Sotiria Stefanidou

Homero Castaneda-Lopez

João Amado

Joaquim Tinoco

Matteo Toso

Matias Valenzuela

Omoniyi Tope Moses

Sérgio Costa

Concepción Toribio

Grigorios Tsinidis

Diego Allaix

Ana Margarida Bento

Sharon Callanan

Mezgeen Rasol

Ruben Paul Borg

Tsankov Nikolov

Niccolo’ Aste

Fabrizio Leonforte

Joud Aljumaa Aldakheel

Ricardo Mateus

Sachidanand Joshi

Jungholzstrasse 28
8050 Zurich

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