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Task Group 3.5

SED book entitled “Time-dependent behavior and design of composite steel-concrete structures”

Mission Statement/Objectives
These SED book intends to provide engineers with an overview of the serviceability limit state design associated with concrete time effects, such as creep and shrinkage, for composite steel-concrete structures, relevant to building and bridge applications.

Scope & Limitation
  • The main reasons at the basis of creating an SED book through this project are articulated as follows: to present a state-of-the-art review related to the service design of composite structures to better frame current design models and specifications with particular focus on European, American and Australian guidelines.
  • to provide an overview of the recommendations specified in the European, American and Australian guidelines in relation to the serviceability limit state design for building and bridge applications associated with the time-dependent behaviour of the concrete (at present there is no document which provides such overview)
  • to provide a comparison among the European, American and Australian service design guidance for composite applications associated with the time-dependent behaviour of the concrete; as these codes vary from each other, this comparison will provide an engineer with an better understanding about the current design state of the art
  • to highlight situations in which the use of refined deflection calculations can be advantageous in achieving economical designs
  • to provide insight into different time-dependent models for the concrete and discuss how these can influence the service behaviour in composite solutions

Expected Project Output
Publish an SED book

Start Date: September 2015
Target Date of Completion: September 2021

Gianluca Ranzi, Australia

Vice Chair
Luigino Dezi, Italy

Graziano Leoni, Italy

Jungholzstrasse 28
8050 Zurich

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