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Task Group 3.2

Continuing work of FRP Structures

Mission Statement/Objectives
The Mission is to develop FRP Recommendations for bearing structures, Inspection Guidelines, to setup a list or database with realized FRP structures worldwide and to extend the knowledge of FRP.

Scope & Limitation
The scope is only related Fiber Reinforced Polymer Structures

Expected Project OutputStimulate the work related to setup a general FRP Recommendation, related to CEN in Europe or a similar organisation on other continents. Workshops can be scheduled during Annual meetings or separate events. Papers around research in this field and realized structures are already included in the IABSE environment. Special FRP sections are already included in the congress and symposiums of IABSE the last 5 years. Extend this part of the work is still needed.

Start Date: November 2016
Target Date of Completion: November 2022

Ane de Boer, Netherlands

Vice Chair
Kees van IJselmuijden, Netherlands

Markus Gabler, Germany
Zswu, China
Siwowski, Poland
Antti Rytkonen, Finland
Eberhard Pelke, Germany
W Karwowski, Poland
Jiang Xu, China
Aditya Sharma, India

Jungholzstrasse 28
8050 Zurich

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