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Task Group 1.5

Performance-Based Design Founded on Lessons from Bridge Failures

Mission Statement/Objectives
TG1.5 has for mission to mitigate and control the risk of collapse of bridges in designing and long term Life Cycle planning throughout the process of an in depth analysis and assessment of the available information regarding failures and their consequences.

Scope & Limitation
Collapses, partial collapses and near failures of road and foot bridges. All types of structures and materials in designing activity and long term Life Cycle planning. All regions of the world. By using documents in open access only.

Expected Project Output

  • Global database for bridge failures (2019)
  • Special sessions or workshops during IABSE conferences
  • Technical Report with recommendations for design of bridges (end of 2021)
  • Report “Case Studies” (2022)
  • Joint research projects with other organisations (by the end of 2022)

Start Date: September 2017
Target Date of Completion: 31 October 2022

Anton Syrkov, Russia

Vice Chair
Stefan Zmigrodzki, Canada

Jan Bien, Poland
Colin Caprani, Australia
Dong-Ho Choi, Republic of Korea
Melike Çinar, Turkey
Flora Faleschini, Italy
Hitoshi Furuta, Japan
Neryvaldo Galvão, Portugal
Bruno Godart, France
Ramon Hingorani, Spain
Niels Peter Høj, Switzerland
Maria Pina Limongelli, Italy
Rujin Ma, China
Nisrine Makhoul, Lebanon
Kazuhiro Miyachi, Japan
Fabrizio Palmisano, Italy
David B. Peraza, USA
Dirk Proske, Austria
Andrey Sizikov, Russia
Alastair Soane, United Kingdom
Harshavardhan Subbarao, India
Peter Tanner, Spain
Anđelko Vlašić, Croatia
Rajeev Kumar Garg, India
Francesco Ballio, Italy
Nefize Sabahatin Shaban, Bulgaria
Alberto Zasso, Italy


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