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Task Group 1.4 Documents

Probabilistic and Semi-Probabilistic Analysis of Slender Columns Frequently Used in Structural Engineering
Authors: Alfred Strauss, Ana Mandic Ivankovic, Benjamin Täubling, Michael Hauser, Dominik Skokandic, Jose Matos, Neryvaldo Galvao, Vladimir Benko, Jakub Dobry, Roman Wan-Wendner, Kresimir Nincevic, Andre Orcesi.
Journal data: August 2021, Applied Sciences 11(17):8009, DOI:10.3390/app11178009
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Round-Robin Modelling of the Load-bearing Capacity of Slender Columns by Using Classical and Advanced Non-linear Numerical and Analytical Prediction Tools

Authors: Alfred Strauss, Ana Mandic Ivankovic, Vladimir Benko, Jose Matos, Pierre Marchand, Roman Wan-Wendner, Neryvaldo Galvao, Andre Orcesi, Jakub Dobry, Mohammed El Hajj Diab. Kresimir Nincevic, Michael Hauser, Mladen Srbic, Dominik Skokandic.
Journal data: SEI (IABSE Joirnal), Nr. 1/2020
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Shear Performance Mechanism Description Using Digital Image Correlation
Authors: Alfred Strauss, Pablo Castillo, Konrad Bergmeister, Bernhard Krug, Roman Wan-Wendner, Marco Marcon, Jose Matos, Joan Ramon Casas.
Journal data: SEI (IABSE Journal), Nr. 3/2008
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