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Task Group 2.6

BIM for Conceptual Design

Mission Statement/Objectives

  • Shape the future of bridge design.
  • Network with experts in the field.
  • Contribute to industry knowledge.

Scope & Limitation

This TG is focused on the research of BIM oriented bridge design.

Expected Project Output

    • BIM-Oriented Bridge Design Paper: Collaborate on comprehensive paper or publication that explores the intersection of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and bridge design.
    • Bridge BIM Model: Develop a robust Bridge BIM Model adhering to openBIM standards and aligned with IFC 4.3 schema. 
    • Creation of a Multilingual BIM Glossary - Create an extensive BIM terminology glossary, available in various languages (English, German, Spanish and more).

    How to Participate:

    Submit Your CV: Email your CV to
    Specify Your Interest: Mention the name of the Task Group (TG) you wish to join.
    Qualification Review: Our TG Chair will assess your qualifications.
    Get Involved: Once approved, you’ll receive further instructions.
    Don’t miss this opportunity! Let’s build bridges together.

    Start Date:
    October 3, 2023

    Target Date of Completion: October 31, 2025

    Filip Andabaka, Croatia

    Vice Chair
    Robert Herceg, Germany

    Tobias Petschke, Canada

    Matthias Scholz, Germany

    Edward Petzek, Romania

    Djordje Sugaris, Serbia

    Kaboyamodimo Nare, South Africa


    Paper summary (work in progress)

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