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IABSE Conference Seoul 2020 (ePDF)

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Over the past 30 years, the infrastructures in Korea have undergone a dramatic growth. Korean engineers constructed more than 60 cable-supported bridges in this period while around 20 bridges are currently under construction. This experience helped engineers and researchers realized that, for resilient and sustainable infrastructures, it is critical to develop advanced strategies and solutions for infrastructure design and maintenance based on knowledge of various risks and uncertainties. Mega-infrastructure projects apply the principle of “as low as reasonably practicable” (ALARP) to some risk issues. However, engineering and academic societies have not thoroughly discussed the types and levels of risk for infrastructures, including bridges, buildings, tunnels, and ocean and energy structures. The risk issues should tackle many uncertainties not only in structural systems but also in hazardous events. Accordingly, the systematic interactions among the operational monitoring, data collection and analysis, structural identification, and probabilistic assessment are indispensable for optimal risk-informed decision-making. The IABSE Conference Seoul 2020 provides a forum for the discussion on “Risk intelligence of infrastructures.” A two-day program consists of single-track sessions in an online/offline hybrid format. We collected around 60 papers from researchers around the globe, which show a good balance between ”Risk Analysis & Multihazard Assessment” and ”Data Intelligence & Field Informatics.” The scientific committee hopes that the proceedings of the conference contribute to paving the way toward the risk intelligence of infrastructures.

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