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SED 13 (print) Use of Timber in Tall Multi-Storey Buildings

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Use of Timber in Tall Multi-Storey Buildings Since the dawn of civilization, timber has been a primary material for achieving great structural engineering feats. Yet during the late 19th century and most of the 20th century it lost currency as a preferred material for construction of large and tall multi-storey building superstructures. This Structural Engineering Document (SED) addresses a reawakening of interest in timber and timber-based products as primary construction materials for relatively tall, multi-storey buildings. Emphasis throughout is on holistically addressing various aspects of performance of complete systems, reflecting that major gaps in know-how relate to design concepts rather than technical information about timber as a material. Special consideration is given to structural form, fire vulnerability, and durability aspects for attaining desired building performance over lifespans that can be centuries long. ISBN 978-3-85748-132-1

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