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SED 15 (ePDF) Engineering History and Heritage Structures – Viewpoints and Approaches

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Engineering History and Heritage Structures – Viewpoints and Approaches The present Structural Engineering Document (SED) is a compilation of contributions devoted to the vast topic of history of structural engineering as well as interventions on heritage structures and structures of high cultural values. Various, sometimes opposed, viewpoints and approaches are expressed and presented. The rather heterogeneous and controversial nature of the content of this SED shall stimulate lively discussions within the structural engineering community who needs to increase the awareness of historical and cultural aspects of structures and structural engineering. Current structural engineering methods and practice are only at the very beginning of effective engineering, really integrating historical and cultural aspects in the assessment of existing structures and in intervention projects to adapt or modify structures of cultural values for future demands. Knowing the past is indispensable for modern structural engineering! ISBN 978-3-85748-154-3

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