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Slovakian Group of IABSE

Assoc. Prof. Jaroslav Odrobiňák
Department of Structures and Bridges
Faculty of Civil Engineering
University of Žilina
Univerzitná 8215/1
010 26 Žilina


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IABSE Slovakian NG Chair Jaroslav Odrobinak visited IABSE Vice President Jose C. Matos at the UMINHO, Portugal, for a lecture and discussion on IABSE NG activities and collaborations in November 2023.


IABSE members at the Slovakian Conference. First photo (from left to right): Jaroslav Odrobiňák, José Matos, Peter Koteš, Josef Vičan, Franitšek Wald.

Five IABSE members from Slovak NG, Jaroslav Odrobiňák - Chair SK NG, Josef Vičan, Peter Koteš, Rudolf Ároch and Vincent KvočákFrantišek Wald, Chair of Czech, and IABSE Vice President, Jose C Matos from Portugal, took part in a conference on 25 May 2023 for the 46th Aktiv - Meeting of the departments of steel structures and bridges from Slovakia and Czech Republic and steel companies and bridge owners. They also had a meeting about possible cooperation in the professional and scientific field as well as in the area of preparation of international projects. Mutual discussions of IABSE members continued even after the meeting, and potential members were also approached and offered cooperation.

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