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Indian Group of IABSE


Shri Dharmananda Sarangi

Director General (RD) & SS

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

New Delhi (India)


Shri Binay Kumar Sinha
Addl. Director General                                                                                      Ministry of Road Transport and Highways New New Delhi - 110001


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Annual Meetings Indian National Group (ING) held at, India International Centre, New Delhi took place on 2 June 2024

Chair: Dharmananda Sarangi, DG (RD) & SS. Vice-Chairmen: H.Subbarao, Alok Bhowmick, R.K.Pandey,  S.P.Singla. 

Secretary: B.K.Sinha. 

Members of the Executive Committee: PVVSS Ravi Prasad, S K Nirmal, G Sharan, A.K Banerjee, Mahesh Tandon, V. N Heggade, R.K Jaigopal, Rakesh Kumar, Lakshmy Parameswaran, Jatin Singla (YEC).

This meeting marked for ING the 129th Managing Committee meeting, 62nd Annual General Body meeting and the 130th Managing Committee meeting. In the 62nd Annual General Body Meeting, elections under different rules were held for Managing Committee Members. 


L to R: Annual Day Celebrations, 2 June 2024: H.Subbarao, A.Bhowmick, D.Sarangi, B.K.Sinha, PVVSS Ravi Prasad; R.Kumar anchoring the session

L to R: D. Sarangi, Chair ING-IABSE; B.K.Sinha, Secretary; U.Chakraborty and B.Nahire, M.Tandon, G.R.Choudhary and M.Singh Sodhi giving presentations.

Mr. Dharmananda Sarangi, Chair, ING-IABSE inaugurated the session. In his speech he gave an overview of ING-IABSE and informed about the successful orgnisation of the IABSE Congress New Delhi on "Engineering for Sustainability" in New Delhi in September 2023. He appealed to all Contractors/Consultants, Institutions, Departments and organizations to enroll at least 3-5 members from their organisation. After the Inauguration Session, ING-IABSE organised three technical presentations. Elections were held, and various posts were filled up. It was decided to empower the Executive Committee to increase the number of activities and focus more on the Young Engineers' Programme (YEP). Accordingly, the Board unanimously decided to take Mr. Jatin Singla on the Executive Committee, who is leading the YEP in India, and is a Board member of the international Young Engineers Committee.

The first presentation was based on “Bharat Mandapam - The Project” by Mr. Pradeep Singh Kharola, CMD, India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO). The project has a total built-up area of 390,000 sq. metres, comprising an iconic, world-class convention centre that can accommodate 7,000 people in a single format, six modern exhibition halls with an exhibition area of 1.5 lakh sq. metres and plenty of underground parking facilities and good infrastructure connectivity to encourage the use of public transportation.

The second part of the presentation was on “Bharat Mandapam - The Structure” made by International expert Prof. Mahesh Tandon, Chairman, Tandon Consultants Pvt Ltd. He Described the characteristics and challenges of large and complex architectural buildings of national importance. The complex is divided into two parts - Convention Centre and Exhibition Centre which is built over 5 floors and basement. The second presentation was on “Design & Construction of Zuari Cable- Stayed Bridge on NH-66 in Goa” jointly by Mr. Utpal Chakravarty, Vice President of TPF Engineering Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Bhushan Nahire, General Manager, TPF Engineering Pvt. Ltd. The Bridge approaches across river Zuari on NH-66 on Panjim - Mangalore Section in the State of Goa, a 8-lane Bridge of 1.084 km. The presenters explained in detail about the foundation, fabrication of steel segments for superstructure, pylons, construction of superstructure and the finishing work and testing on completion. The 

The third presentation on “Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS) and the Condition Survey Module” was given jointly by Mr. G.R. Choudhary and Mr. Mehal Singh Sodhi. They described about the need of the system which can be helpful in monitoring the health of bridges in the country and accordingly develop a mechanism to fix the priorities of repairs, maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction. The presentation was divided into three parts – i) management of the project, ii) inventory software and iii) conditional survey. The work assigned by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Dr. Harsha Subbarao presented the full report on IABSE New Delhi Congress 2023 (Click Here).

After all the presentations got over, Mr. B.K. Sinha gave a vote of thanks to the invitees and guests of the Annual Day.

Find all photos from the Annual Day: Click Here

L to R: Attendants of the Annual meeting, J.Singla, Young Engineers Committee member giving a presentation

Upcoming Activities by ING:

As reported by Dr. Harsha Subbarao, past Vice President of IABSE, the planned activities for ING shall include Workshops on the new Guidelines to be released by Indian Roads Congress (IRC), (the Bridge Codes making body of India), - “Guidelines for Extradosed Bridges”, “Guidelines for Cable-Stayed Bridges”, “Guidelines for Arch Bridges”, and others. These Workshops will be a two-day event. ING is also planning a few webinars and regional activities with their neighboring countries. 


The Indian National Group of the IABSE (ING-IABSE) successfully organised IABSE Congress New Delhi from 20th to 22nd September 2023 on “Engineering for Sustainability” in New Delhi with the support of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. The Congress was well accepted and acknowledged by the participants. Read the full report presented by Dr. H.Subbarao here.

The Organising Committee (OC) and Scientific Committee (SC) of the IABSE New Delhi Congress 2023 arranged a meeting in late February with IABSE President Tina Vejrum, at the congress venue to discuss the preparations for the Congress - which shall take place on the 20-22 September 2023. The theme is Engineering for Sustainable Development, which includes important topics such as climate change adaptation and disaster resilience, case studies in sustainable materials, technology and practices, and service-life of sustainable structures. A good number of abstracts have been received and authors have been informed of acceptance of their full papers. It is still possible to submit a full paper till the 15 April 2023. Those who wish to arrange a special session, or a panel discussion, can approach the Congress Organisers. Tina was pleased with the current planning and would like to encourage all to join IABSE New Delhi Congress.

IABSE President with the Congress OC and SC, February 2023


29 May - 3 July 2021

Bridge Erection Technology: Experts Speak (Live Webinar Series)

The Indian Group of IABSE is organised a series of talks and presentations with international experts on the topic of 'Bridge Deck Erection Technology' on 6 consecutive Saturdays starting from 29 May till 3 July.

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