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Honorary Membership

Honorary membership and the IABSE Awards are established to acknowledge an exceptional contribution within the objectives of the Association. The honorary membership and personal awards are given in recognition of individuals who act as ambassadors for the profession and as role models for future generations of engineers. In their work they are focused on exchanging knowledge and advancing the practice of structural engineering worldwide in the service of the profession and society. The Association encourages and supports diversity in the Association as well as in nominations for its awards.

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Naeem HussainHong Kong, SAR, China                                Hyun Moo KohSouth Korea


Yaojun GE, China


Ian Firth, UK                                                  Mikael W. Braestrup, Denmark

2020: Fernando Branco, Portugal
2020: Ekasit Limsuwan, Thailand
2019: Angus Low, UK
2018: Bidhan Chandra Roy, India
2018: Lennart Elfgren, Sweden
2017: David A. Nethercot, UK
2016: Yozo Fujino, Japan
2016: Riccardo Zandonini, Italy
2015: Robert Silman, USA
2014: Sung-Pil Chang, South Korea
2014: Predrag Popovic, USA
2013: Holger Svensson, Germany
2013: Silvino Pompeu Santos, Portugal
2012: Gilson Marchesini, Brazil
2011: Jacques Combault, France
2010: Aarne Jutila, Finland
2010: Hai-Fan Xiang , China
2009: Bo L.O. Edlund, Sweden
2009: Bernard Raspaud , France
2008: Manfred A. Hirt , Switzerland
2007: Sudhangsu.S. Chakraborty, India
2007: Loring A. Wyllie, Jr , USA
2006: Paul Grundy , Australia
2005: Alain Golay , Switzerland
2002: Klaus H. Ostenfeld , Denmark
2002: Joerg Schneider , Switzerland
2000: Anton F. Steffen , Switzerland
2000: John C. Badoux , Switzerland
1998: Manabu Ito , Japan
1997: John M. Hanson , USA
1996: Niels J. Gimsing, Denmark
1996: Aksel G. Frandsen, Denmark
1993: Hans von Gunten, Switzerland
1992: T.N. Subbarao, India
1992: Ninan Koshi, India
1991: Yukio Maeda, Japan
1990: Bernard P. Wex, UK
1989: Julio Ferry Borges, Portugal
1988: Gerard F. Fox, USA
1985: Pierre Dubas, Switzerland
1985: Leo Finzi, Italy
1985: Bruno Thürlimann, Switzerland
1984: Roger A. Dorton, Canada
1984: Peter F. Adams, Canada
1980: Josef Aichhorn, Austria
1979: Friedrich Reinitzhuber, Germany
1979: Guido Oberti, Italy
1979: Charles Massonnet, Belgium
1979: Fritz Leonhardt, Germany
1977: William Henderson, UK
1977: Maurice Cosandey, Switzerland
1977: Lynn S. Beedle, USA
1976: Atsushi Hirai, Japan
1975: F. Faltus, Czechoslovakia
1972: C.J. Low, The Netherlands
1969: Elmer K. Timby; USA
1969: Sir Hubert Shirley-Smith, UK
1965: Sergio Marques de Souza, Brazil
1965: Jose B. Da Fonseca, Portugal
1963: J.I. Parcel, USA
1963: K.J. Hjort, Sweden
1963: C.S. Chettoe, UK
1963: L. Cambournac, France
1957: F. Campus, Belgium
1949: G. Pigeaud, France

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