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Ecuadorian Group of IABSE

Dr. Roberto Luque
Av Carlos Julio Arosemena Km 2.5
NYLIC 090112 Guayaquil

Vice Chair 
Mr. Jaime Hernandez
Calicuchima 1206 Y Pio Montufar
Guayaquil Guayas

Mr. Daniel Toro Aguirre
104 Y Malecón 4th Floor
Frente a La Gobernación Del Guayas
Guayaquil Ecuador

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Ecuadorian National Group event initiated by Eva Lantsoght (SEI EditB., Vice Chair), and with visit by Jose Matos (IABSE Vice President)

Photos: Jose's visit to the structures lab with Adrian; materials lab with Francisco and Eva; Viernes de la academia radio; and ongoing workshop presentations 

Report by Eva Lantsoght: On 1 - 3 March Jose Matos, IABSE Vice President from Portugal, visited Eva Lantsoght at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, in Ecuador. On 1 March, he visited the labs of USFQ, such as the materials lab (as directed by Francisco Jativa) and the structures lab (as directed by Adri

an Tola). Jose informed all about IABSE and gave a presentation on postgraduate programs at UMinho (Portugal) and on the research group ISISE to students and staff of civil engineering from USFQ. On 2 March, Jose presented on bridge management in Portugal and internatio

nally during the workshop on existing bridges, Matias Valenzuela, IABSE Chile NG Chair, presented virtually on seismic details of existing bridges in Chile. On 3 March, Jose presented about bridge management in Portugal, with recommendations for Ecuador, during the YouTube and Facebook live program of the chamber of construction. Eva Lantsoght, who is the Vice-Chair of the SEI Editorial Board, took the opportunity to discuss about the upcoming Latin American SEI issue with all present, which helped initiate papers for this special issue. Next year, IABSE Congress will be held at San Jose, Costa Rica, from 25-27 September; and preparations for this event was also discussed.

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