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Canadian Group of IABSE

Prof. F. Michael Bartlett
Mayfair Drive 44 London
Ontario N6A 2M6


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Webinar Topic: Climate Engineering in the world of Long-span Bridges and Slender Structures

When: Nov 15, 2022 19:00 – 20:00 hrs CET

This Webinar is being organised by IABSE’s US National Group (chaired by Mariagrazia Bruschi) and Canadian National Group (chaired by Mike Bartlett).

Webinar Speakers:

Guy L. Larose (Specialist of Wind Engineering and Bridge Aerodynamics)

Guy L. Larose is a specialist of wind engineering and bridge aerodynamics with more than 30 years experience in this field, both in North America and in Europe. Guy has made engineering contributions to some of the world’s tallest structures and longest bridges and his recent work has focused on aerodynamic shaping to reduce sensitivity to flow-structure interactions of bridges and slender structures, wind-induced vibrations of cables and sport aerodynamics.

Derek Kelly (Senior Project Manager, Pricipal @RWDI)

Derek is known for his ability to make exceptionally complex and demanding projects advance smoothly and without surprises. His keen communication skills, combined with his extensive experience in the design and construction of bridges and high-rise buildings, make him an invaluable leader on any project.

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