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Bulgarian Group of IABSE

Prof. Marina Traykova
University of Architecture Civil Engineering and Geodesy
1 Hristo Smirnenski Blvd. Sofia 1046

Vice Chair

Mr. Tzvetan Georgiev
2L, Samokovsko Shose Str Sofia 1138

Dr. Eng. Stoyan Ivanov
Vasil Kirkov Str. 21 Fl. 5,
Aprt. 19 Sofia 1164

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During 7-9 October 2021, the Turkish and the Bulgarian Groups of IABSE came together for a site-visit to the Canakkale bridge in Turkey. Chaired by Alp Canar (Turkish NG, Chair) and Marina Traykova (Bulgarian NG, Chair), during this successful and very interesting site visit, the participants had the opportunity to see and learn from this unique construction site. This event, after a long lockdown, also helped in establishing a close professional contact between these two neighbouring National Groups.

On 30 June 2021, the Bulgarian Group of IABSE along with the Turkish Group of IABSE are jointly organising a virutal Workshop based on the topic: "Bridge repair and maintenance".

Register here: Connection link will be sent to registered attendants before the workshop. Register here:

Speakers and Topics from Turkey:

Alp Caner: Seismic Performance of Bridges during Sivrice (Jan 2020) and Izmir (Oct 2020) Earthquakes

Mustafa Can Yucel: AI Driven Bridge Inspection & Maintenance Systems

Speakers and Topics from Bulgaria:

Stoyan Ivanov: Visual inspection findings on 3 steel-concrete composite bridges in Bulgaria

Lazar Georgiev: Strengthening orthotropic steel decks by means of additional UHPFRC layer on top - laboratory tests results

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