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Belgian Group of IABSE

Mr. Alain Dumortier
Liège Science Park Allée Des
Noisetiers 25 4031 Angleur

Prof. Bart De Pauw
Civil Engineering Department
Technologiepark 60 9052 Gent

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Young Engineers Colloquium 2023 - YEC2023 (Further Information: Click Here)

The Belgian and Dutch National Groups of IABSE have the pleasure of inviting you to attend the jointly organized Young Engineers Colloquium 2023 (YEC2023) on 24 and 25 November 2023 at the Aula of Ghent University in Ghent, Belgium. YEC2023 is especially meant for young engineers to exchange knowledge internationally, with the focus on Belgium, the Netherlands and the surrounding countries. The colloquium is open to all professionals interested in structural engineering regardless their age, but apart from the keynote speaker, all presenters are young engineers under 35 years of age. This colloquium offers young engineers the opportunity to present their interesting research, engineering or construction projects to an audience of fellow engineers from the structural engineering sector. It provides attendees with an overview of current research topics as well as challenging engineering and construction projects and is an excellent platform to share experiences among experienced and young engineers.

The Young Engineers Colloquium is supported by the British National Group of IABSE and the French National Group of IABSE. All presentations will be in English.

Message From The Chair Of The Belgian National Group Of IABSE

This will be the third time that the Belgian and Dutch group of IABSE organize a Young Engineers Colloquium together. After the first successful edition in Eindhoven in 2019, the second one had to be organized strictly online due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Because of that, I am extremely happy that we can once again plan for an onsite event, where we offer Young Engineers the chance to show their work and initial work experience to their peers. But it is not limited to that. They can also to interact with more experienced members of the structural engineering field and this within the international framework of IABSE. I look forward to welcoming everybody, young engineers and experienced engineers to the city of Ghent, within the aula of my alma mater, Ghent University. Hans De Backer

Message From The Chair Of The Dutch National Group Of IABSE

On 24 and 25 November 2023 the Belgian and the Dutch National Group of IABSE will be the joint hosts of a colloquium aimed at young engineers. The Dutch National Group is proud to be part of this initiative. YEC2023 builds on the long history of trade and collaboration between Belgium and the Netherlands and on the strong common engineering tradition. Offering a unique opportunity for young professionals to meet and exchange ideas across borders, the initiative truly reflects the international spirit of IABSE. Students, young engineers and experienced professionals, who act as mentors and beacons of our profession, are warmly welcomed to participate actively in an inspiring day which will serve as an introduction to the vibrant community of IABSE and its activities.

ing. Bert Hesselink
Chair IABSE-Nl


Report by J.Matos:  Vice President IABSE Prof José C Matos visited the Belgium NG President Bart de Pauw in Brussels on 15 April 2023. It was an opportunity to learn about how the group was structured and to discuss the main activities from Belgium NG and especially on how IABSE could come closer to the younger generation. Additionally, there were some propositions and discussions about the development of joint European activities, pushed by all European IABSE NGs. It is important to discuss at European level topics that are relevant for Europe and these activities could be held in Brussels, Belgium.

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