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Austrian Group of IABSE

Prof. Dr. Alfred Strauss
Peter Jordan Strasse 82 1190


Dr. Alois Vorwagner
Dr. Roman Geier

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On 12 Dez. 2023, from 17 to 19 hrs, the Austrian National Group, chaired by Prof. Alfred Strauss and team, organised a talk on the topic, "Ingenieurbau der Zukunft", at the Universität für Bodenkultur. It was a successful event which discussed aspects of structural engineering in the future. As a result of the advancing age of many Bridges in the ASFINAG network, a large number of replacement - new buildings will be inevitable in the next few years. The associated forecast greenhouse gas emissions from ASFINAG, therefore, develop in the opposite direction to the net greenhouse gas emissions path of the European climate targets, if not decisively counteracted. In a lecture, the ASFINAG Baumanagement Gesellschaft (BMG) presented its roadmap as a framework catalogue on the way to “Net Zero”. Measures are focused on the area of ​​action, “sustainable management”.Tools were presented that can create incentives for resource-efficient and climate-friendly planning and construction opportunities.

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