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A key contribution of IABSE to improve knowledge and understanding of the performance of structures, are the IABSE publications in print and online. The publications include the:

  • Journal Structural Engineering International (SEI) (4 x yearly)
  • IABSE Bulletins (approx. 1 yearly)
  • IABSE conference reports (1-2 yearly)

Structural Engineering International (SEI) journal presents a unique blend of short profiles on recent structures and longer in-depth articles to practicing structural engineers in the form of reports of high scientific and technical standard. Articles are written by practicing engineers and academia from around the world and are reviewed by the IABSE SEI Editorial Board, with collaboration of over 250 experts and over 20 Correspondents. Members and subscribers receive the print version and can download all issues back to 1991.

IABSE Bulletins is a new series and will include different types of publications:

  • case studies that can be specifically on design, rehabilitation, forensic among others
  • monographs including 'Structural Engineering Documents' (SED) (state-of-the-art documents) and Guidelines
  • Technical Reports that can include research publications. Objective: to provide in-depth information to practicing structural engineers, in reports of high scientific and technical standards on a wide range of structural engineering topics.

IABSE Conference Reports compile papers presented orally at IABSE congresses, symposia, smaller conferences and workshops. Congress and symposia reports are dedicated to a broader conference theme dealing with all kind of structural engineering topics, such as concept, analysis, design, construction, operation and maintenance, and all kinds of materials. The smaller IABSE conference and workshops are usually dedicated to a specific theme. Reports from 1929-1999 can be downloaded for free and over 5000 articles or the printed report can be purchased online.

Free Publications for everyone to view:


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