Themes and Topics

1. Novel Management Tools for the Built Environment

  • Infrastructure asset management
  • Bridge management systems
  • Management and conservation strategies of historical structures
  • Maintenance, repair and retrofitting strategies

2. Lifecycle Quality Control of New and Existing Infrastructures

  • Lifecycle performance-based design​
  • Lifecycle assessment of civil infrastructures
  • Load carrying capacity and remaining lifetime
  • Performance indicators​
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Evaluation and assessment techniques
  • Innovative inspection techniques

3. Advanced Frameworks for a Sustainable Built Environment

  • Performance-based framework for structural resilience
  • Adaptation to climate change and societal challenges
  • Expanding structures service life
  • Future structural and functional demands
  • New design methods for sustainable infrastructures
  • Aesthetics in structural design
  • Wind and extreme load design
  • Codes of practice for existing and new structures
  • Strengthening and repurposing of structures
  • Geotechnical design challenges
  • Deterioration modelling
  • Deconstruction and recycling
  • Case studies

4. Risk Analysis Procedures, from Theory to Practice

  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Insurance, reinsurance and management of risk
  • Learning from previous errors: Forensic engineering
  • Model updating, safety evaluation and reliability forecast
  • Reducing risks of earthquakes and other natural hazards
  • Reducing risks of fire and other man-made hazards
  • Resilience of civil engineering structures
  • Resilience of critical infrastructures
  • Risk analysis and risk-informed decision making
  • Risk perception and communication

5. Future Trends in Structural Engineering

  • Advanced experimental testing and techniques
  • Advanced numerical models and simulations
  • Building Information Modelling tools
  • Construction 4.0
  • Information technology in structural engineering
  • Innovative construction methods
  • Innovative structural devices
  • New materials and products
  • Offshore and marine structures
  • Passive and active control systems