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Dr. Roberto Luque
Av Carlos Julio Arosemena Km 2.5, NYLIC 090112 GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR


Mr. Daniel Toro
Aguirre 104 Y Malecón 4th Floor Frente a La Gobernación Del Guayas GUAYAQUIL Ecuador ECUADOR

Vice Chair

Mr. Jaime Hernandez
Calicuchima 1206 Y Pio Montufar GUAYAQUIL Guayas ECUADOR

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July 15-18, Ecuadorian National Group: VII Ecuadorian Conference on Earthquake Engineering

The Ecuadorian National Group of IABSE, established in March 2019, held its very first event together with the Ecuadorian Society of Earthquake Engineering, the VII Ecuadorian Conference on Earthquake Engineering, dedicated to the memory of Prof. Alfonso Malaver.

This national event gathered several active members of the structural engineering community in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The conference was attended by more than 80 participants, including engineers, government officials, researchers, students, and members of the construction industry. The workshop included international presenters and attendees from Canada, France, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Ecuador. At a national level, the workshop included attendees from all across the country. Additionally, the event featured an exhibition area where several companies related to structural and earthquake engineering presented their products and services.

One of the conference’s keynote lectures was given by Carlos Mendez-Galindo, Vice-president of IABSE, who took the opportunity to talk about IABSE, its objectives, activities and perspectives for the structural engineering development in Ecuador and in the region. The Organizing Committee, including the Ecuadorian National Group, are extremely grateful for the valuable support of IABSE, especially by supporting the efforts of the structural engineers in Ecuador and Latin America to advance the practice of structural engineering in the region.

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New IABSE National Group in Ecuador!
March 19 -
A group of enthusiastic engineers in Ecuador organized the formal creation of the Ecuadorian National Group (NG) of IABSE. The NG held its very first meeting in Guayaquil, Ecuador. There were 11 attendees, including current members and guests, who very likely will join IABSE as well.

The first point of discussion was the approval of the proposal of By-laws. The proposal was distributed to all attendees in advance. After review and discussion of the document by all present members, it was voted unanimously for the approval of the By-laws.

Once the By-laws were approved and into effect, the next item of the agenda was the elections of the first Executive Committee of the Ecuadorian NG. After formal reception of the nomination forms from all the interested candidates, the following members were elected unanimously to be part of the Executive Committee:

Chairman:    Roberto Luque 
  Jaime Hernandez
General Secretary:
  Daniel Toro
PermC Delegate:
  Alex Villacres
  Rafael Armendariz
  Renato Parodi
    Fernando Illingworth
    Ruben Coronel

The newly elected Executive Committee shall now prepare a workplan for the next two years, with a focus on strengthening and increasing the presence of IABSE in Ecuador and in the region. Some of the activities include the proposal to co-sponsor the VII Ecuadorian Conference on Earthquake Engineering in cooperation with the Ecuadorian Society of Earthquake Engineering.

Finally, the date and time for the next meeting was set for April 2nd, 2019 at 16:00, showing the strong commitment of the Executive Committee to start working right away towards the objectives of IABSE in Ecuador. Special thanks to Dr. Otton Lara, a longtime member of IABSE, for his support and leadership making this first meeting possible.

Carlos Mendez-Galindo
Vice-President of IABSE

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