Task Group 5.5

Conservation and Seismic Strengthening/Retrofitting of Existing Unreinforced Masonry Structures

Mission Statement/Objectives
To provide a platform to exchange knowledge and provoke understanding in strengthening techniques for existing Unreinforced Masonry (URM) structures with a special focus on heritage areas and on low/middle income countries.

Scope & Limitation
TG 5.5 is focused on seismic strengthening and retrofitting strategies aimed towards earthquake resilient URM structures.

The main scope of this task group is to collect and evaluate the existing strengthening and retrofitting techniques for URM and to produce guidelines and practical recommendations within its focus structure type.

Expected Project Output
The project deliverable anticipated by the Task Group includes the following:
  • Provide advice and support activities for the mitigation and reduction of seismic hazard
  • Organise special sessions and workshops, special issues
  • Produce reports which could be considered for publication as SED
Start Date: September 2018
Target Date of Completion: November 2022
If you are interested to join Task Group 5.5 then please contact the Chair, Dr. Andreas Lampropoulos A.Lampropoulos@brighton.ac.uk

Vice Chair

Andreas Lampropoulos, UK 
Stephanos Dritsos, Greece
Eftychia Apostolidi, Austria
Christos Giarlelis, Greece
Jose Jara, Mexico
Diego Lo Presti, Italy
Enzo Martinelli, Italy
Joe White, New Zealand/Netherlands
Jon Moseley, UK
Marina Traykova, Bulgaria
Humberto Varum, Portugal
Daniel Oliveira, Portugal