The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Turkey

The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (third Bosphorus bridge) is considered as the future of transportation and commerce for Turkey, linking Europe and Asia. By its major importance and its symbolic situation between two continents, the bridge was naturally meant to become an iconic structure and a new landmark of Istanbul region and Turkey. Consequently, for such a symbol, the authorities did express major concerns on subjective and aesthetical considerations in parallel to the definition of the functional requirements for the structure.

The main points were followings: (1) Considering the location of the bridge very close to the black sea, the necessary safety width for the navigation channel and the local bathymetric configuration, the minimum required span has been fixed to 1’275 m by the authorities. (2) The bridge had to carry two times four lanes of roadway in addition to two railway tracks and two sidewalks mainly used for accessibility and maintenance. (3) The bridge shall be a suspension bridge (4) Aesthetic has been defined as an essential factor in the assessment of the proposals and the bridge should be in line with the architecture of the two existing bridges crossing the Bosphorus downtown. (4) In addition, a very stringent and somehow out of usual scale requirement: the bridge had to be completed in an extremely short period of 36 month. The bridge offers an elegant and top class crossing to the straight, perfectly skilled to underline the symbol of the link between two continents and to become one of the landmarks of the extraordinary city of Istanbul. Combining all these requirements in a very elegant and efficient structure was an incredible challenge during which the engineers had to stress all their creative and innovative minds to come out with the best and the most pleasant and elegant design up at the level required by this new symbol.

KGM – Ministery of Transportation - Turkey
Structural Design:
T engineering intl, Switzerland, Michel Virlogeux, France
Team Partners: Greisch, Lombardi, Temelsu, Grid
Concessionnaire : ICA :Içtas/Astaldi – Turkey/Italy
EPC : HDSK, Hyundai/SK, Korea
Jean-Francois klein (Teng intl CH), Michel Virlogeux, France
Service Date: August 2016
Concrete (m3): 200’300
Structural steel (to) 50’130
Main cable + Hangers (to): 13’050
Stay cables (to): 13’050