Sunniberg Bridge, Klosters, Switzerland

On September 15, 2001 President Klaus Ostenfeld unveiled the Outstanding Structure Award Plaque on the Sunniberg Bridge, Klosters (Switzerland). The 2001 Outstanding Structure Award was presented to the curved cable-stayed bridge conceived by Christian Menn for being "a delicate expression of structural art responding to a sensitive landscape." Political authorities, general public, and those involved in the design and construction of the bridge, attended the ceremony.

The Award recognises the most remarkable, innovative, creative or otherwise stimulating structures completed within the last few years or completed just prior to the award ceremony. It consists of a Diploma each for the Engineer, the Architect, the Contractor, and the Owner, as well as a plaque to be fixed to the winning structure.  
Earlier this year, at the IABSE Annual Meetings in Malta, the 2001 Outstanding Structure Award was presented to the Sunniberg Bridge. Then Prof. Christian Menn, author of the conceptual design, and Mr Dialma Bänziger representing the Consulting Engineers responsible for the bridge's structural design and technical supervision, went to Malta to receive the Award.

The Sunniberg Bridge was completed in 1998. It is part of a new highway, which crosses the valley on the 526 m long bridge at a height of between 50 and 60 m over the Landquart River. The Structure is based on a clear but simple conceptual design and illustrates the possibilities in structural engineering for developing innovative forms from sound structural principles. It is a fine example of bridge design in terms of aesthetics, structural form, quality, and cost.

The Sunniberg Bridge, Klosters, Switzerland