Port of Valencia Lighthouse, Spain

Port of Valencia Lighthouse, Spain, is the first structure ever built in the world using all composite materials. It is an innovative structure using new technologies especially in regards of the highly aggressive maritime environments and the difficult accessibility. This structure demonstrates how composites can be used intelligently and effectively.

The new lighthouse is a 32 m tall five storey structure. The floors, placed at every 6 m, are 200 mm thick glass fibre and polyurethane sandwich panels with an octagonal shape. Passing through holes near the vertices of these octagonal panels, and blocked by specially designed glass fibre cones, eight carbon fibre columns with a 250 mm diameter support the structure. A spiral staircase with 130 steps made of composite materials is placed in the centre of the structure, going from its base to its top. The steps rings form a cylindrical space which is filled with reinforced concrete, providing a stiffening core to the structure.