Phoenix Centre, China

Phoenix Centre, Beijing, China, has been awarded with the Outstanding Structure Award 2017. This Award recognises the most remarkable, innovative, creative or otherwise stimulating structure completed within the last few years. 

“Phoenix Centre represents a complex spatial structure originated from 3D parametric design techniques resulting in an extraordinary interaction of architectural and structural aspects”.

The Phoenix Centre is located next to the southwest corner of Chaoyang Park in Beijing. The site is 18,000 m2, with a construction floor area of about 72,000 m2, and a building hight of 54 m. The Phoenix TV station proposed to build a media centre in Beijing in 2007. The building was to represent not only the corporation spirit of Phoenix TV but also the profound cultural tradition of China. The image of perpetual motion of “the Mobius strip” matches the spiritual pursuit of Phoenix for wisdom and ideal. It also resembles the Phoenix bird in the structural geometry and rhythm balances the Yin and the Yang. The theory of Yin-Yang is a perspective and methodology originated in ancient China. The shaded (Yin) part as production studio and the sunny (Yang) part as office building are wrapped up by the ecology Mobius shell. Several spatial public spaces are created to demonstrate cultural value of the Phoenix Media, which makes entire building vibrant and energetic. The building shape is in harmony with the surrounding infrastructure including the irregular shaped site, the varied intersection angles between urban roads and the scenery environment.

Using accurate 3D digital modeling techniques, the structures, especially the curtain wall supporting system, create enough spaces for different architectural functions, and also contributes to the aesthetics effects of the whole building. The overall design not only makes the entire building more vibrant and energetic, but also allows the public to have a closer experience with the Phoenix culture. The building successfully seeks the interaction and integration of structure, architecture, landscape and art. It achieves the extraordinary combination of architecture and structure.