Birmingham Gateway Project: The Transformation of Birmingham New Street Station

(photo: Network Rail)

The transformation of Birmingham New Street Railway Station fulfilled the most ambitious of architectural visions for a tired 1960s RC building. The existing building could not be proven to satisfy any current codes of practice. Therefore a profound, first-principles understanding of the building’s structural behaviour had to be developed, which was central to modelling the significant changes in the forces that would be applied during construction and when complete. Engineering design and constructability remained entirely in synergy to safely accomplish the works, with paramount consideration given to public safety as this principal UK transportation hub remained operational throughout the works.

The project aspirations were delivered through a complete remodelling of the old station layout, 6000t demolition of two floors from the old shopping centre, 7000t of demolition from the mezzanine floor of an old car park and a similar amount from the demolition of the 61m tall Stephenson Tower to the south of the site. A new atrium, formed within the old structure has allowed natural light to enter the station for the first time since the 1960s, and central shopping facility in the city centre of Birmingham. The works included extensions to the building amounting to about 27,900 m2 of floor space, accommodating a new stainless steel façade on the old building.