Mukogawa Bridge, Japan

This bridge is the first structure in the world combining the butterfly web and the extradosed structure. This led to a significant reduction in the total weight of the superstructure and substructure, as well as reduction in environmental impact. It also increased seismic resistance by reducing the weight of the superstructure by 20%. Butterfly webs allow easy inspection and maintenance. In consideration of the recent shortage of skilled workers in Japan, precast concrete technology was employed for labour saving construction to raise productivity. The bridge was made also highly durable with reduced maintenance cost by the use of high strength fiber reinforced concrete for the main girder webs which required no steel reinforcement and also by protection of the external surfaces of the piers with the prefabricated precast members. This bridge stands out for its innovative use of butterfly webs and steel plate for the stay cable anchorages at the top. It is an innovative extradosed bridge, which is elegant and provides a unique solution implementing advanced materials to reduce deck's self-weight.

 Type of structure:  Extradosed bridge with butterfly webs
 Date of completion:  February, 2017
 Location:  Kobe city, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
 West Nippon Expressway Company Ltd.
 Structural Design:   Sumitomo Mitsui Construction
 Contractor:  Sumitomo Mitsui Construction
 Architect:  Sumitomo Mitsui Construction