Dandeung Bridge, South Korea

Dandeung Bridge, South Korea, is a suspension bridge supported by a sail shape “D” designed pylon, connecting Sinsi Island and Munyeo Island in South Korea and has been constructed in the second section of connecting road works of the Gogunsan islands in Jeollabukdo (2009-2015).

The bridge consists of the only one steel box girder for two traffic lanes and two pedestrian lanes with a 400 m span and a single concrete pylon with the height of 105 m. As this bridge has been designed as an earth anchored suspension bridge, two main cables with a diameter of 0.38 m are anchored within the concrete anchorages at both ends of the bridge. Innovative structural systems were introduced to realise the single pylon suspension. To overcome the difficulties, e.g., the atypical shape of the pylon, the spatially arranged main cables, and new type of lifting gantry could come into the world. It is expected that the techniques developed for this new bridge will contribute to the creation of more advanced construction techniques in the future.