Tom Paulay, New Zealand

On the occasion of the Annual Meetings of IABSE on September 10, 2002 in Melbourne, Australia, Dr Manabu Ito, President of IABSE, presented the 2001 Outstanding Paper Award to Dr Tom Paulay for his Paper

'A Re-definition of the Stiffness of Reinforced Concrete Elements and its Implications in Seismic Design'

 published in Structural Engineering International, February 2001.

The Paper postulates that for the purposes of seismic design the ductile behaviour of lateral force-resisting structural components, elements and indeed the entire building system, can be satisfactorily simulated by simple bi-linear force-did-placement relationships. This enables the displacement relationships between the system and its lateral force-resisting elements at a particular limit state to be readily evaluated. The concepts introduced are rational yet very simple. Their applications are closely interwoven with the designer's intentions. The strategy provides the designers with unexpected freedom in the assignment of strengths to lateral force-resisting elements, such as frames or structural walls.

The Outstanding Paper was selected by an international committee, chaired by Mr Bernard Raspaud, France. The Award is presented each year by the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering in recognition of one article published in "Structural Engineering International", thus encouraging and rewarding contributions of the highest quality.