Prof. P. Marti , Dr Manuel Alvarez, Dr Walter Kaufmann and Dr Viktor Sigrist

At the Opening Session of the IABSE Symposium in Rio de Janeiro, on August 25, 1999, Mr. Klaus H. Ostenfeld, President of IABSE, presented to Professor Peter Marti and his co-authors Dr Manuel Alvarez, Dr Walter Kaufmann and Dr Viktor Sigrist from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, the Outstanding Paper Award 1998 for their Paper

'Tension Chord Model for Structural Concrete'

which was published in the November 1998 issue of the quarterly publication of IABSE "Structural Engineering International".

The paper demonstrates that, based on a simple tension chord model, problems of cracking, minimum reinforcement, tension stiffening and deformation capacity of structural concrete members are treated in a unified manner. Key features of the tension chord model and its application are described and several comparisons with results from experiments are made.

Each year, the Outstanding Paper Award is presented to the author(s) of an article published in Structural Engineering International, thus encouraging and rewarding contributions of the highest quality. The article is selected by a review committee, this year chaired by Mr Loring A. Wyllie, Jr, USA, which is independent of the IABSE Publications Committee.