Doris M.S. Yau and Michael C.H. Hui, China

The Outstanding Paper Award 2010 has been conferred to Doris M.S. Yau and Michael C.H. Hui, China, for their Paper:

'The Aerodynamic Behaviour of the Deck of Stonecutters Bridge, Hong Kong'

published in Structural Engineering International (SEI) February 2010.

This paper gives a summary of the investigations concerning the deck of the Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong with a main span of 1018 m, one of the longest span cablestayed bridges in the world at on its completion at the end of 2009. The design of the bridge deck contains a number of interesting aerodynamic features including the streamlined steel twin box-girder deck structure and the associated guide vanes installed at the underside of the deck. A bridge of this span is subject to a variety of wind-induced vibration problems, including vortex-induced response, buffeting response and flutter instability. This, coupled with the extreme typhoon wind climate in Hong Kong, necessitated extensive aerodynamic investigations to address the above-mentioned aeroelastic problems.

The major aerodynamic aspects of the super-long-span cable-stayed Stonecutters Bridge were carefully looked at in great detail during the planning and design stage to ensure that its aerodynamic performance would be satisfactory. The various experimental and analytical studies associated with the three major aspects, that is, vortex induced response, buffeting response and flutter instability confirm that the bridge will have no problems associated with these aeroelastic phenomena in its in-service condition.