Luis Garcia, Colombia

This Award recognises one article per year published in IABSE's quarterly journal, Structural Engineering International. The Outstanding Paper is selected by a review committee independent of the IABSE Publications Committee. The Award seeks to encourage and recognise journal contributions of the highest quality.

The Outstanding Paper Award for the year 1996 was given to Mr Luis Garcia, Colombia, for his article

'Economic Considerations of Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Structural Concrete Buildings,'


published in SEI Volume 6, Number 4, November 1996.

This paper describes the economic implications of using displacement-based seismic design for structural concrete building structures under moderate and high seismic risk zones. Buildings from four to twenty stories tall, with the same plan layout and a series of combinations of column and girder cross sections, were designed by practising structural engineers with a degree of detail necessary to determine their cost. The capacity of these buildings to meet different story drift requirements was investigated employing economic considerations. Cost implications of structural walls were compared with those of frames. The results of the study are discussed from the designer's and the owner's points of view.

The paper combines sound theoretical discussion with interesting and valuable practical application. Thus, it epitomises SEI's goal to present readers with articles of the highest technical standards and real professional relevance.