Jean-Michel Lucas, Michel Virlogeux and Claude Louis, France

Professor Manfred A. Hirt, President of IABSE, presented the 2005 Outstanding Paper Award at the Opening of the IABSE Symposium 'Responding to Tomorrow’s Challenges in Structural Engineering ' on September 13, 2006, to Jean-Michel Lucas, Michel Virlogeux and Claude Louis for their Paper:

"Temperature in the Box Girder of the Normandy Bridge"

published in Structural Engineering International, August, 2005.

The awarded article deals with the analysis of the temperature records obtained from the Normandy Bridge, which held the world record for cable-stayed spans between 1995 and 1999. The bridge benefited from a large scale monitoring programme, in particular, from the temperature measurements within the orthotropic steel-box girder and the cable-spans.

Thermal actions which can induce great loads are characterized by two essential parameters – the deck average temperature and the thermal vertical gradient. This paper discusses a three year analysis of the values of those two parameters especially the maximum values and their distribution.

The article also discusses different methods used to assess the thermal actions using the meteorological conditions such as ambient temperature and daily solar radiation; a statistical analysis based on extreme value laws and implementing numerical modelling after which a comparison with the specifications is made. Information from the publication can be used in the design of similar bridges and for the update of corresponding rules.

The IABSE Outstanding Paper Award is presented each year in recognition of an outstanding article published in ‘Structural Engineering International’, thus encouraging and rewarding contributions of the highest quality. This time the Outstanding Paper Award Committee was chaired by Mikael Braestrup, Denmark.