David F. Wisniewski, Joan R. Casas, and Michel Ghosn

IABSE presents the Outstanding Paper Award 2013 in the Category Scientific Paper to Dawid F. Wisniewski, Joan R. Casas and Michel Ghosn for their paper: “Codes for Safety Assessment of Existing Bridges—Current State and Further Development” by ; SEI 4/2012. 

During the past decade, new codes for the assessment of existing bridges have been developed in Canada, the USA, as well as the UK, Denmark, and Switzerland. The practical application of these codes proved to be successful as they allowed for keeping in operation many bridges that no longer met the design criteria but were otherwise able to safely carry the applied loads. Because of the success of the national codes, the possibility of developing a new Eurocode for Bridge Safety Assessment is under consideration. Building on the experience from the various national codes and recent research, a bridge assessment Eurocode should specifically include the following key elements: (a) the possibility of directly using probability-based methods, (b) the inclusion of structural system redundancy and robustness criteria, (c) the use of site-specific live loads and dynamic amplification factors, (d) the incorporation of field measurements and diagnostic test data, and (e) the consideration of proof load testing. The objective of this paper is to
review how the above-listed key elements are addressed in existing assessment codes and recommend possible improvements to current evaluation methods to be considered in the development of the new assessment Eurocode for bridges.