Mr. Chander Alimchandani, India

Mr. Chander Alimchandani, India, has been presented the 2004 IABSE Award of Merit in Structural Engineering "in recognition of his major contributions to the design of outstanding bridges and structures, as well as to the development of pre-stressed concrete structures and post tensioning technology in India and other parts of the world". Dr. Manabu Ito, President of IABSE, presented the Award to Mr Alimchandani during the Opening Session of the IABSE Symposium 'Metropolitan Habitats and Infrastructure', Shanghai, China, on September 22, 2004.
Chander Alimchandani , born in 1935 graduated in 1957 from the University of Pune, in India. He participated in France in 1958 and 1959 in a theoretical and practical course on Prestressed Concrete, conducted under the chairmanship of Eugene Freyssinet. He stayed for two more years in France, working in the STUP society, later to be called Freyssinet International. Back in India he became the Technical Director of a medium sized construction company set up for specializing in prestressed concrete structures.
In 1962 he joined STUP Consultants Limited in Mumbai, of which soon after he became the Chief Engineer. Mr Alimchandani engineered several prestressed concrete bridges of lengths from 700 to 1000 m across major North Indian rivers with foundations which descended up to 50 m below the river bed. By 1980 Mr Alimchandani had built STUP Consultants as an independent company active all over India, Bangladesh, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan, doing design and construction engineering for innovative and economic major structures of all types in steel and prestressed concrete. He decided to expand STUP Consultants activities to South East Asia and Africa, and in 2004 the staff strength was 800, working across 24 countries.

His company now carries out all the work from feasibility studies to project management in the fields of Civil Engineering. Mr Alichandani is very active in national and international such as FIP – now fib - or IABSE, where he has held important positions.

(published 2004.10.04)